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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sine FM 102.6 Doncaster

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Sine FM 102.6 Doncaster

Your Online Radio already has strong guards that have been training for a long time And now you have an heir to support you. What is there to fear anymore? Just because there is nothing to fear it doesn't mean I can move without a plan. When you say, 'a plan' The Southern Party considers agriculture as the foundation and ignores commerce. Sine FM 102.6 Doncaster But that's not very flexible to solve the current population increase in Seoul And it conflicts with my commerce policy. So I have to wonder Your Online Radio, then hire the people of the Southern Party. Utilize the officers and merchants who are holding hands with those people. Then Your Online Radio can gain everything you want. Officers and merchants who are holding hands with the people of the Southern Party That's intriguing! Thank you. But the Western Party won't just sit there and watch it happen. Right, it's still dangerous to change the controlling power on a whim. If anything goes wrong, it'll shake up the current peace in the court. I will consider a few people that will be helpful to internet Radio and the Southern Party. So, what were His Online Radio's thoughts? Is he on the side of the Southern Party? We're not that far yet Why not? The heir even came from the Southern Party! He doesn't seem convinced by the Southern Party, and has doubts But he doesn't show what he's really thin Live Radio How is it? I haven't been feeling well for a few days And I have a feeling that it's something serious, so I called for you. It seems that you've inherited the same illness from the late Live Radio. Plus, the quick temper adds to it The fever has deeply invaded the liver. Please keep your mind calm. If it starts acting up, the illness could go beyond control. Beyond control? Forgive me for saying this You could faint or lose your life. My one thing after another. I'm facing too many issues and now this has to happen. Your Online Radio, Music is here. On top of the deeply rooted fight between the Southern Party and the Western Party The passing of the Queen Mother must have caused a burden on you. That too The biggest problem now is Prince Yoon. Is there a problem with the prince? To raise internet Radio's son Yoon to the throne A clear legitimacy needs to be established. Your Online Radio, is that what you've been thinLive Radio? I've already decided it when I told internet Radio to have my firstborn son. But even if I leave the throne to him in this unsettled position He'll suffer from the question of legitimacy for his whole life. So is there a plan you have in mind? I've thought really hard about it. The answer was Always the same. The son from a concubine To change the class of his mother. Your Online Radio. A higher status than Sine FM 102.6 Doncaster Level concubine. There is only one way to make Live the perfect Crowned Prince. Your Online Radio, please don't worry too much. Since you're still young, you'll have a chance. No, you say that because you don't know him. Actually, His Online Radio is thinLive Radio something else. Thin Live Radio something else? His Online Radio said he'd let internet Radio's son take the throne.

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