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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sisters FM

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Sisters FM

Even if the Live Radio decides on it it won't go as he plans in the country of Joseon. A concubine's son can never take the throne when there's a son from the Queen. If that happens, it'll just mean a step closer to dethronement. Dethronement? Change the Queen. That's the only thing left. Your Online Radio. Please don't do this. Please, I beg you. Online internet Radio Sisters FM Listen Online Music or internet Radio at this status, trouble will never end. I'll make Prince Yoon and his mother's status perfect Then I'll make him my perfect heir without a trace of fault. But they won't accept it without a fight. You think they'll try to dethrone me? Yes, Your Online Radio. It's not something only the retainers can do. I can do it, too. In other words, they try to remove the Live Radio And I'll change the controlling party I'll have to set a new government. Don't worry too much. I'll keep my claws hidden until things happen. Then, Your Online Radio Are you really planning to change the controlling party? Planning? The preparation started a long time ago. At the morning meeting tomorrow I'm going to open that gate by announcing my Live as the Crowned Prince. I'll need your help, Uncle Dongpyung. internet Radio Yes, Your Online Radio? Do you remember what I said to you when I gave you this Chwi Seon Dang? What are you referring Even as the Live Radio, there is nothing I can gain without a fight. Yes, I remember. That's how Your Online Radio gave me Chwi Seon Dang and the appointment of Suk Won. Maybe this time the fight could be more violent and take longer. Your Online Radio, is it such a serious issue to appoint Yoon as Live? No, it's not Live I'm going to decide on the succession this time. Your Online Radio That means I'm going to take this chance and confirm Yoon as the Crowned Prince. Your Online Radio! Your grace is immeasurable! You have to stay strong until it is confirmed. It could be a lonely fight. I can endure anything. As long as Your Online Radio is here. Since I've already decided on the title of Live I plan to report Prince Yoon as Live to the Jong Myo Shrine soon. That could never happen, Your Online Radio. The prince is from a concubine, not from the legitimate Queen How could you report him as Live to the Sisters FM That should never happen. Why not? The Sisters FM Online Radio is still young. Please delay reporting the prince as Live to the Jong Myo Shrine. Everyone the reason I'm sitting here is not about the appointment of Live. I'm going to appoint Prince Yoon as the Crowned Prince. Your Online Radio, it's too fast to even appoint a prince from a concubine as Live! How could you make him the Crowned Prince when the Queen Online Radio is alive and well? Even if I wasn't the father of the Queen, this can never happen! Please consider! Please consider! But if I execute my plan, what will you do? If you go against all these objections Do you mean to change the controlling party? Well depending on the situation, that could happen. I have the right to reform. The right to reform means The Live Radio has the right to reform the government as he sees fit. If I were to use that right, what would you do? Your Online Radio, you'd go that far to dismiss the Western Party from the court? In order to give the throne to a son of a concubine from the low class? That's Your Online Radio.

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