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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skylab Radio

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Skylab Radio

That custom again? Skylab Radio of the Royal Guards. Don't let anyone in that could threaten His Online Radio's safety. Escort internet Radio to her quarter now. Yes, Queen Online Radio. Let go! How dare you touch me! Music Did you see His Online Radio? No, I didn't get to see him. The Queen didn't let me see him. I'm the mother of Live, and I'm not even allowed in the room? That's the palace. When things get uncertain, they're even more bound by custom. Music, I'm begging you. Please let me see His Online Radio just once. I beg you, Music. Ok Listen Online Music Music. internet Radio, I need to see you. What is this? It's the silver knife of the late Queen Mother. And why are you showing it to me? To remind you of your promise that day. The promise that day? Queen Skylab Radio How about it? Should I kill myself here And make my son disrespectful? Yes, I swear. If I become pregnant with His Online Radio's child I'll give the Queen Online Radio my child. Now is the time to keep that promise you made to Mother. So I'll have to have him. Your son. Do you mean to take my Live as hostage? Hostage? I'm maLive Radio him my son. And it's not 'my Live,' shouldn't it be the Queen's Live? Court Online Hong, tell the nanny to bring Live here. Yes, Your Online Radio. Queen Online Radio, you don't mean to harm my Yoon, do you? You're not planning something with the life of my Yoon, are you? I think I said to you before I won't make you a human pig or poison your son like Skylab Radio. But I will make you leave the palace, or become a monk I remember saying that. It seems that your path has been decided. You may leave now. Queen I will never forget the tragedy that occured this day. If His Online Radio wakes up again I'll make sure to get my son back. Then I'll tear apart your heart just like how mine is right now And throw you out of the palace. Absolutely. Ma'am Already? Please don't do this, Court Online Skylab Radio You can't do this yet! Online internet Radio, please give me the Prince! Do you need another beating to come to your senses? Prince? My Yoon is Live. Anyway, please give Live to me. No, I can't! Not yet! Are you going to break the promise? But now is No. It starts now. No! I said not yet! Subtitles by DramaFever The court has been handed over to Online Radio and the Western Party They occupied the office of the special force and waiting for a chance. Now what will you do? Why would I live without my Yoon? How could a child and his mother be separated? Because that's the only way to save your life and Yoon's life. You don't think my father can do that? We need to partner with another prince And get rid of the Live Radio before anyone notices. We need to nip the bud of trouble Of course we have to kill him. Come to my house. Don't you want to lie down? We need to talk so you want to go to a coffee shop? You have to take the medicine too. Hurry and eat. After eating, you can eat the medicine. To leave you like that at Online Radio house, to look at you, was hard. Make a comeback with the program "Skylab Radio". Don't you want to finish what you have started? Did Director Gook give his approval? I'll take care of it, so don't worry about it. So then, just do it at home. I don't want to. To you, there shouldn't be any indebtedness like that. It would also be awkward. I don't want to do that. Listen Online Music, toward you, I am sorry and you will not be a burden for me. After I divorced, all I did was work. For me, is that the end of life? There's no such thing like that. So I'd like to think, I am really okay right now. After I met you, I smiled for the first time. I liked that. It was nice. Yearning and stinging feelings, I don't like things like that. Just a person that makes me laugh. If I say that the best person is someone that makes me comfortable, that's why I don't want to let you go.

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