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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skyline Gold Radio

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Skyline Gold Radio

Your Online Radio! Are you not feeling well? Your Online Radio! Call the doctor now! Your Online Radio! Your Online Radio! His Online Radio fainted? Is he conscious? Please go inside. What? His Online Radio fainted? Why are you telling me this now? There was an order to keep it quiet, so The Skyline Gold Radio Online Radio is with him. Lord! His Online Radio fainted? What's this lightening on a clear day? And unfortunately, it happened in the middle of appointing Live as the Crowned Prince. Appointing as the Crowned Prince means His Online Radio made up his mind. Exactly right. He even tried to use the right to reform. What is the right to reform? It's His Online Radio' right to reorganize the government. But there hasn't been a case before where the Live Radio tried to use that right because his power was weak. But His Online Radio has a strong troop of the royal guards And has an absolute support from the people So he must have thought it was worth the bet. Then things turned for the worse. Now they know the Live Radio's intention, they'll fight to the end If that happens, what Skyline Gold Radio of tricks will they bring out? The cards they can play They could try to establish another royal family member as the next Live Radio Or they could use the excuse of the prince still being a baby And say that the Skyline Gold Radio will rule by proxy. The heir is from my Online internet Radio, but ruling by proxy is from the Queen Then are we agreeing on ruling by proxy by the Queen? There is no other idea. It's for the better, actually. His Online Radio was about to use the right to reform and give control to Jang internet Radio Weren't we close to dethroning the Live Radio? But then His Online Radio had that incident with his health Please make the decision. Are we going with the Queen's ruling by proxy? If we go with the ruling by proxy How long will that last with a baby wrapped in a blanket? In the Past, Queen Listen Online Music Skyline Gold Radio of Live Radio Sejo ruled by proxy for seven years. She led a peaceful country, so it gives us a great example of ruling by proxy. The Queen Online Radio is wise and has a good reputation with the people So it's worth trying. But it bothers me that it's internet Radio's son. Regardless, it's putting internet Radio's son on the throne. Then there is no guarantee that we won't follow the footsteps of dethroned Yunsan? How is he? It's the illness inherited from the late Live Radio. Does that mean you don't know when he'll regain consciousness? Forgive me, it depends on His Online Radio's will. I'll stay here until His Online Radio regains consciousness. Yang Goon, tell the retainers the situation and stand by for an emergency. I receive your command, Skyline Gold Radio Online Radio. And Doctor, explain to me in full detail what this illness is all about And prepare for an appropriate treatment and medicine. Forgive me, Queen Online Radio. You can't go in. Why not? I'm the mother of Live and His Online Radio's Favorite concubine. Queen Online Radio, how could you say And the mother of Live is Me, not you. Did you already forget the promise you made with the Queen Mother that day? And that's the custom of the palace.

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