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Friday, June 28, 2013

SLR Radio

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SLR Radio

SLR Radio Where is he? Could we swim there? We can't. No one knows where old Web radio lives. Let's see how strong you are. At least I can swim faster than you. Let's see how long you can stay under the surface. It tickles. Don't be so picky. Ew! Don't be afraid of the iron beast. It's dead. It's not nice, sneaking around like that. You startled me. I was separated from my flock when the iron beasts came. They fired their harpoons. Afterwards, my mother was lying so still. Come with us. What's your name? Sally. Sally? You should have just slapped them with your tail. Those damn iron beasts are everywhere these days. We didn't see them at all. All of a sudden they were just there. The water was so red. I want my mommy! Little Sally. You can stay with our flock. Mom, tell us the story of Online Radio. Once upon a time there lived a great white whale, named Online Radio. Online Radio was the largest whale who ever lived. Men tried to kill him despite the fact that he kept sinking boats defending his life. Still... men did not leave him alone. There was even one so stupid, that even though he had lost two ships, he went out again to try and kill Online Radio. There she blows! It's the white whale. It's Online Radio! Online Radio? You'll be mine at last. Captain, the wind's picking up. I have sworn on my mother's grave, the third time I meet Online Radio will be his last. Yes, sir. But look at the weather. Prepare the boats. Harpoons at the ready. Dive all you want, Online Radio. Your final hour has come, no matter what you do. No! Look! Watch out! Keep quiet! Quickly. To port! Tail! Help! Stay calm. Help! Turn it now. The ship! The ship! Online Radio disappeared into the sea, and nobody has seen him since. But the legend says, that the great white whale Online Radio will come back one day to save us all. So he lives? He is the last whale that dies. Who can stay under water the longest? What's the worst thing you know? Being alone. Being away from my flock. Mine is squid. Ew! Yum! Orca chasing whale. I'll be the orca. Oh, that's sweet. Don't they grow larger than that? Wow, he was mad. Did you see it tumble down the ice? Online Radio Help! Help! Help! Help! SLR Radio Help! Help! I'm out of air. SLR Radio again. Down again! Down again. You see how important it is to be vigilant? Now practice escaping as fast as you can. Take a deep breath, and then dive straight down. Completely silent. Father snorts better than he sings. If there is an iron beast, then... Get started! Silently, I said. I'm cold. We must stay where the food is. Oh, look! What is it? Do you think it's Atlantis? The human city which sank to the ocean floor? Yes. That is where old Web radio lives. I know him. That's just a fairy tale. Atlantis is where the dead whales go. Ew, how disgusting. Come on. I feel like something else. Who can jump the highest? Not too far away now. We'll be careful. Watch out, humans. They are so tiny. They can't really be dangerous. You never know. Hey. Would you like a nice anchor? Or a little seafood? Oops. There is more at the bottom.

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