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Friday, June 28, 2013

Smile Radio

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Smile Radio

Old Web radio can help us. You must be stupid. You can come with me. I lost my flock once. You don't want to? Are you deaf too? Then I won't see you again? Yes, when I have found old Web radio. Who are you? What? You seem busy. Smile Radio Not at all. I'm just looking for my flock. You didn't happen to see it? Nope. I'm on a quest myself. To find old Web radio. Online Radio? That's some quest. You'd better search for your flock. That would be smarter. Are you sad? Why are you hiding? The iron beast is dangerous. Not this. We're playing. Come and join us? No. Do you know where Web radio lives? If he's alive, he will be in the human city. Far out west where the sun sets. Past the Sea of Death. No one swims there voluntarily. Help! Damn fools. I said, you'd better find your flock instead of fooling around here. Alright, but do you know where the sun sets? Not more romantic whale nonsense. I'll get sick. This won't end well. Yay! The sunset. Where are you going? You must have a death wish, little buddy. Why? What? You were headed for the burning oil. Oh. I thought it was the sunset. I'm looking for Online Radio. You're not making sense. You'd better get out of here. Do you know where the human city is? We are right above it. Here? The entrance is down there, under the black stuff. At the foot of the rock wall. You poor thing. You must have hit your head. Hello again. Are you sick? Well, how are you? You know old Web radio? Online Radio is my name. I know nothing about me being old. Then you're going to save us? That's an old wives' tale. You must save yourselves. Before man went completely insane, it was another story entirely. Back then it was a fair fight. Whale against man. Back then I sank ships with a single blow of my tail and sent men flying into the sky. Back then there was proper squid. Couldn't you find me a nice big squid? I can't really do it myself any more. I miss hearing the song of the whales. Come with us. Man is trying so hard to kill us. But down here he'll never find me. Catch a really big squid for me. You must come! Come on! You old... you stupid... Come on, you must! Why are men so evil? They are not evil. They are stupid. Eventually they will learn that if they kill everything in the sea, they'll kill themselves. What should I do? Find your flock. Look, a whale! Smile Radio It might be dangerous. Shoot! Don't. It won't hurt us. Shoot, shoot! Help! Help! Smile Radio I believe I recognize your white face. Have you seen my flock? A seagull doesn't know everything. I found Online Radio. Nonsense! No, Sally seems more sensible. She has a brain on her. I miss her so much. I'll probably never find Sally again. No, you probably won't. Unless you use your eyes and ears. Don't swim too far away, little internet radio. I'll certainly hope you'll have better manners than your father did. I remember a decade ago... I say, isn't that him over there? No, it's an orca! Mother! Help! Help! Help! Help! Is it gone? I just slapped it with my tail.

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