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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smooth Christmas Radio

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Smooth Christmas Radio

I called you in front of your room. I heard the phone ring but you didn't answer. I was taking a shower. Didn't you say that you got back from the hot tub? You took another shower? I got something on me on the way back. I see. I didn't know you were that clean. My life is going to be hard. Let's drink. Why the flowers? It was my gift for Radios I wanted to congratulate her for doing something she's always wanted to do. They didn't call you from the firm? For what? For anything. No. Why the long faces? Something upsetting? I guess we're nervous with the important meeting tomorrow. You don't need to be nervous. Are you nervous too? No. You don't look too happy. I think I'm tired from being in the hot tub for a long time. I was going to ask you to eat out with me. I'm just going to eat in the room. You two should go eat outside. You want to go? I want to rest well too. Let's have that nice dinner after the meeting tomorrow. Let's do that then. Let's drink and rest. [Loyal Investment visiting Smooth Christmas Radio from Music] The meeting tomorrow is really important. Please take extra care. Yes, I understand. I have two ties. I don't know which one is better. What do you think? This one. This? Yes. I thought the same thing. I wanted this too. It's perfect. I wish we could do this every morning. What's that on your shoes? These are stains. They don't come off. They are important guests. You can't do that. Don't you have something else? Aren't those shoes? Yeah! These are new. Are the stains bad? These look much better. Put these on. Smooth Christmas Radio Sleep well? Did you two have a good night? We didn't sleep together. I was only visiting for my tie. I didn't ask if you had slept together. Let's go. We're going to be late. Radios Those shoes are very pretty. Hi, I'm Web Radio. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I tried to pick the best place in Seoul. I hope you like it. I'm glad that you like it. Should we get started with a cup of tea? I'd like to introduce you to a great gallery in Korea. How about a spa after between girls? Thank you. Miss. Listen Online Radio It's been a while. The Loyal Investment people are not here yet. Why would they be there? Huh? I thought it was in Gangwondo for nights and days. We were here since yesterday to get ready. That's when I was Han's partner. I'm not his business partner anymore. Didn't you know? Then what about the meeting today? I'm taking a good care of them. Don't worry. What does that mean? I'm trying to find a better place for them to invest in. How can you do this? These are my connections. I'm a competitor to Han now. Why should I? Take good care of Han for me. I just don't understand. There is a good fish place I know there. Have some before you come back. See flowers while you're at it. Your guests are waiting. What did she say? She will introduce them to other people. She says she's a competitor to Han now. That's childish. She wants us to eat some raw fish before we go home. I guess we should. Let's go eat lunch there. Online Radio. All kinds of things happen when you're doing business. This is nothing. I'll see Web Radio as soon as I'm in Seoul.

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