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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smooth Grooving FM

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Smooth Grooving FM

Smooth Grooving FM That's okay. There's no need. Online Radio. This is business. Ruining a business just because the personal relations turned sour is childish. You beg when you need to beg. And hold on when you need to hold on. Sung Joo and I were not in a relationship. You should be able to fill her role. You knew that she loved you right? Why do we need to talk about this? You knew it all along. But you still used her for business. You're going over the line. You should stop. There's a reason that Web Radio is doing something irrational like this. She's not being a competitor. She's hurt. I don't think that's something for you to say. Let's go back. Let's go. I heard you talking on the phone at the hot tub. It didn't work out? I don't want to talk about it right now. Do you love Smooth Grooving FM I'm thankful. I don't think he's a good match for you. I thought he helped you too. Smooth Grooving FM He's a good man. But I'm saying that he's not a good match for you. That's for me to decide. It was not a mistake last night. I really meant it. You said that Online Radio helped you. You shouldn't have done it then. I knew what was going on between you two. I didn't first find out on the train. I was just going to forget it. But I can't. You gave up on your dream to settle down for a man? Aren't you being too greedy here? You wanted a date? I wanted to tell you something. If it's about Web Radio, I'd rather not hear it. It's not about her. Then? Did you go to Stage Plus? What did you tell them? I was just worried. It went as you wanted. What are you talking about? They canceled hiring me. You want to get married this weekend? internet Radio. I think you're mistaken. What did you tell them? Did you ask them to fire me? I would never do that. Why did you go there? Would they want hire someone if her brother or parent was coming to work? Radios Let me go there and ask them again. It's already over. I'm really sorry. You think this is love? Making me stay with you? I lose. You do whatever you want. I will do anything that you ask. Whether we get married this weekend or next month. I will do whatever you want. Yeah? Hit Music Want to see if you still have a picture you took with Online Radio when you were young? Why? I have to prepare for the anniversary of the company. They wanted it for the video introduction. I should have the picture somewhere. Can you bring it today? In a bit. I'm cleaning up right now. You know the bookstore daughter? Is she really here to pay you back? I thought that she could be your girlfriend. Did you? It doesn't matter. Smooth Grooving FM Anyone you choose is my sisterinlaw. We're arriving in Seoul shortly. Please make sure you have all of your belongings with you. You want to go home? No I'm fine. You can go rest at home. I have work left in the office. Okay then. I need to go see Nabi Capital. Online Radio. I will go see Web Radio. I said you don't need to do that. I'm saying this as a director of this firm. Please allow me. Smooth Grooving FM Also I'd like to apologize for being rude this morning. Does she like it? She wants to do something in return when you visit Hong Kong or Shanghai. Tell her that I will make sure to be there.

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