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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Soca FM

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Soca FM

Yes, Jae Hee. Where are you? Can I see you for a bit? You didn't have the fish? I need to talk to you. I'm with my guest right now. Wait for me in Seoul. Radios! What happened? Weren't you staying there until tomorrow? The schedule changed. Hello. Hello.Soca FM You can't. It's not like you to get personal feelings involved in business. I'm humane too. It's attractive. Why are you doing this all of a sudden? Did something happen between you two? I just didn't want to help a man who loves someone else. That's all. You were loved before then? You're just as cold as Tae Sang. I like it. Soca FM Please keep your word. You want to help a man who is going to marry the girl you like that much? He proposed. You were caught by me. I know that you love internet Radio. I'm here to talk about business. Han got you alright. I'm just doing my job. I also need to work even harder for my brother. For your brother? There is just so much Online Radio has done for me. I can't do whatever I please. You don't need to do that. Have you asked your brother why he went to jail? I heard from Online Radio. You should have heard it from your brother. Not from Han's point of view. What are you saying? Go ask Hit Music Are you teasing me? You think you can handle the truth? He killed the boss and set a deal with Lee Hit Music Go to jail for me and I will pay for your brother's tuition. He would do anything for his brother. He accepted the offer right away. I can't believe that. If you can't handle it, don't. Han isn't that low. How is that low? It was winwin for everyone. While Online Radio was in prison, Han expanded the company. And that's how you got to study abroad. Is this how you take your revenge on men? Don't believe it if you don't want to. Don't you dare to speak to me like that. I'm leaving. I'm really disappointed. You will be a loyal dog to Han. That way you can stay with the girl you like longer. Soca FM Just like I did. Tae Sang. I'm sorry. You've made me become so low. You can get sick from doing things you don't normally do. I want to be alone. Why did you go there? Who would want to hire someone when her brother or parents visit their work? Honey! It's leaking there too! Dad, over here. You gotta block it there too. What are you doing here? I thought you were staying there for another day. What's going on here? I don't know. Let me see that. The ceiling is falling down. The landowner is still away? She called already. They want to do the roof again. What about us then? Online Radio! What are you doing here without even calling? Ma'am, watch out. This is embarrassing. Go downstairs Han. Radios hurry. Bring more newspaper. How long has it been like this? Go downstairs. Why didn't you tell your house was like this? Do I have to tell you that? Of course you do. I think of this family as my own. Says who? Honey. How long has it been like this? This won't be an easy fix. We will have it fixed right away. Don't worry. Let's go to my place. Stay there until the fix is finished. You're talking nonsense. If it's uncomfortable with you, Soca FM I'll stay somewhere else. Please stay at my place. I can't do that. I'd feel too bad.

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