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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solar Radio

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Solar Radio

Solar Radio Radios Are you sick? [Bought out Nabi Capital] Where were you? I had too much for dinner. I went out to walk for a bit. You could have asked me to come. You want to travel to London this summer? How about it? Not London. I'm going to bed. Good night. Good night. I will stay at the Hong Kong office until I set the deal. I'm leaving tomorrow. Thank you for the hard work. Aren't you taking on too much burdens? Or is it that you like Hong Kong? We will visit frequently. Call us whenever you have something you want to eat. Radios didn't come to work today? Oh! I don't think she was feeling well. How do you know that? You're so slow Yoon. What about me? I wanted to see my team before I left. Come over tonight then. Are you asleep? I'm going to see how the construction is going. I made some food. Eat when you get better. Don't be sick. You really have a great boyfriend. He called like days ago. He said that he knew someone really passionate. He'd like for me to see her. Really? I thought he was your boyfriend because he worked so hard for you. Excuse me. We're from the police. Is Han Tae Sang here? What's wrong? How are you related to Han Tae Sang? What's the matter? The man Han Tae Sang's mother lived with has been missing for more than years. I got a report that Han Tae Sang knew him very well. What's that mean? Where should I put these? Anywhere. You must not have gotten the call from Online Radio. I just came to say good bye. Good bye? I'm going to be working in Solar Radio from now on. Good bye, Radios I was really glad to have met you. It's a bit of a heart breaker. But it's much better than not having anything at all in my life. How are you feeling? Okay. Good bye. Bye. Don't be insensitive and send a wedding invitation. When you see something funny on the blackboard, don't think that it's me. Erase the three days in Guam from your mind. I'm sure that you have erased it already. Radios~ [Notes on the piano] Where are you Radios? Are you in your room? What is that? What's that smell? Did your mother make this? You couldn't have done this. How are you feeling? Are you home Radios? You were there? Oh, you're back. Lee Jae Hee brought a frame. I was going to ask him to hang it inside. Jae Hee. Hi. Yeah. You could have asked me to hang it. Not our guest. Don't be Mrs. Han already. It's fine, I'm good at doing chores. Yeah? What the heck? That smells good! Eat dinner here. It's fine. I have to go now. Don't go. Eat with us. Come over to Hong Kong. We will eat there. Radios! Good bye. Solar Radio See you later. What? You know Jae Hee? No, I thought he was someone else. Let's eat. Go wash your hands Online Radio Okay. Subtitles by DramaFever I think you look better with him. Had I met him before I met Han. Tell him that you like him. Just follow your heart. You can't be someone who steals a girl from your friend. I just can't help it What does she say? I like someone else. I don't want to marry Han. He understands me better. Radios Did you think that I didn't know?

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