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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solid Gold Gem AM

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Solid Gold Gem AM

Solid Gold Gem AM You're not thinking about Solid Gold Gem AM when you're with him, are you? Do you know Solid Gold Gem AM? You didn't know that he was missing? How is that easy? He brought my family to his home. His place is so big. It even echoes in the living room. You must be happy. Of course I am. He has no family. There is no soninlaw like that. Oh yes. Did you have kids? I have two sons. They are both abroad. I'm exhausted. Can you get me a bowl of soup please? I bought a few frames to decorate my place. What is this picture? It's a picture of my friend when he was young. I found it at home. I wanted to give this to him. That's my friend right there. Are you okay? Are you okay? Here, let me take you to the hospital. I'm fine. It's okay. You're pale all of a sudden. Get on my back. I can carry you. I'm fine. I'm fine. Please enjoy your meal. My friend also likes the soup here. I will bring him here soon. What does he do now? Why do you want to know? He grew up without his parents. But he's doing well now. Hi DetectiveSolid Gold Gem AM. I have something I'd like to report. I want you to work for the resort. Okay just let me know when I can start. How about early next week? Okay. Thank you. No, thank you. You think I can have beer at your place with Jae Hee tonight? Sounds good. But I'm staying with my girlfriend's family. The bookstore girl? Yeah. They had to fix their home. I invited them to stay at my place. That's good. It's a good chance for me to come by and say hi to my sisterinlaw. But what if they don't like it? It has to happen sooner or later. You were going to get married before showing me first? I'll have just one beer and leave quickly. Okay then. I'll call you later. Oh yes. You should see your mother when I find her. I'll see you at home. Hey! Listen Online Radio Come with me to a party tonight. Party? What party? You'll know it when you see it. You should have told me that we have a guest. You didn't have to cook so much. We just need to make the soup now? Radios! Let's stay out. No! You can stay. I wanted to introduce you to them. Who's coming? They're here. Come in. Come in. I never invited Jae Hee to my place before. Hey! Say hi. She's going to be Mrs. Han. Ma'am, hello. You look familiar. Come on! Let's get over the painful past. This is my brother. Come eat first. Let's eat. Have some fruit. You can play piano Solid Gold Gem AM Hey! You can play Chopsticks right? Play that. I once liked this nurse who was married. There are times when you get swept away by the warm wind like that. You know the saying that it will all pass. This will also pass. Hello? Yes? Hi. I'm sorry for calling you so late. I'm leaving Korea tomorrow. It's fine. I'm sorry about Stage Plus. I didn't understand why it got canceled. How about New York instead of London? Sorry? I liked your boyfriend. He called like two days ago. He said that he knew someone really passionate. He really wanted me to see her. Really? It's Lee Jae Hee right? He's my friend's friend. It's a bit complicated. But he kept on insisting. Lee Jae Hee is not my boyfriend. Really? I thought that he was because he was trying so hard.

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