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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Somer Valley FM

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Somer Valley FM

We can all live here. Right? Fine let's do it. When should we get married? Huh? Sis! Bye. Bye. I will see you at the office. Why do you like my sister? She's poor and she's not nice. Do I need a good reason? I just like her. You're here early. You're early too. I'm going to buy a book after work today. My house is under construction. We're staying some place else for now. With my mom and brother. Where are you staying? Somer Valley FM At Online Radio's place. Please keep it to yourself. I'm just telling you because you know already. Did Online Radio ask you to come? Yes, so I accepted. Why? Because it sounded good. You sound like a different person. Why? It's a nice place. That was relieving. Something good happened? I went to Stage Plus two days ago. The place your father's company sponsors? I was handling my father's company's cultural business team. I want to know what internet Radio will be doing for work and where she will be staying. I'm worried about her. And how are you related to internet Radio I'm thinking about marrying her. internet Radio will be staying in a small apartment near the London office. She will be sharing it with other people. She will be running errands and coming up with ideas. I heard that it's a year contract job. If she does well, she could stay for longer. Are you worried that she will stay there? No, it's not that. internet Radio isn't a child. This is a bit uncomfortable. I'm sorry. I know this is out of the line, but her family is worried. I was also worried. Please look after her then. Bye. Hello. What was that? Beautiful ladies. The dinner is on me tonight. Enjoy it. I will recommend my friend studying in London. This isn't a mom and pop girl. What is this? If you don't reject her, there won't be any sponsoring. Somer Valley FM Isn't he ridiculous? He's like a stalker. You made it look like she lost the job because of him. I think she has something going on with Somer Valley FM. Does she? I may not be smart, but I'm quick on these things. Next time when you introduce a boy for me, check to see if he has a girl already. I will. I thought you're no longer a partner. I invested in this mall. You were being a bit childish. Congratulations on being proposed to. You really know everything. I get everything on the radar. You don't have the ring on your finger. It's really expensive. I didn't want to lose it. I see. I thought you accepted it because it was expensive, but you didn't want to wear it. I'm sorry about Stage Plus. You must have wanted to go overseas and have a fabulous life out there. Just how did you find out about that? He didn't want to send you far away. It's to make you stay with him for now. You understand that already, right? Are you being mature? Somer Valley FM Or is this the power of money? I wish you happiness. Just because I'd be overseas for years, it's not like it would work out with you. So don't feel too bad about it. What are you scared of? Why can't you say that you like him? I don't know what you're thinking. I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm only saying this because I don't know what it's like to be poor. I think I know why Han never liked you now.

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