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Monday, July 1, 2013

Sonrise Radio

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Sonrise Radio

That's why I asked first. I want to go for just years. I'm really sorry and I feel guilty. But I really want to do this. I tried to give up, but I couldn't. If London is more important than me, then we really have no choice. You can't understand me for just one bit? Can't you understand me? Ask yourself if you want to go because it's your dream or if it's out of vanity. Don't you remember what you told me? You told me to go to nice places and put on nice clothes. Do the things I could never do. I meant to do it with me. With me. We're really different. Thank you. I really tried to like you. Sonrise Radio And I really liked you. Sonrise Radio I'll just think that I bought good memories. It's not serous. We have the obstacles we always face. After thoroughly assessing the investors, none of them seemed like good candidates. That's impossible. We have investors lined up. How can there not be one? A lot of them want too much return for a small investment. There aren't many good investors after screening them out. Online Radio will no longer be our partner. I sorted everything out. You won't get wrong idea again. We'll just have to fill her role ourselves. May I ask why Online Radio left us? It was just a business reason. Let's not see each other as business partners or as friends. I don't want the person I love to get the wrong idea. You're going to regret this. For not recognizing someone like me. Excuse me. You got the call that Han Online Radio was dead? Yes. It's been a long time. Who did he say that he was? He said that he was his family. Does this happen often? Do they notify death? Rarely. There are cases of people finding out when they try to look for them here. It was the first time that they notified us. That's strange. It's as if he knew someone was going to be looking for him. Did he speak in internet Radion? I'm sorry. He's dead. Sonrise Radio Online Radio is gone. He just curtly said that he was family and that Han Online Radio died, then hung up. You can't reach his parents? His parents got a divorce. They couldn't be reached after that. Who was the man that said that he was family? I don't know. What was Online Radio like here? He was hurt. He didn't talk. He kept his distance. But he was really smart with an exceptional memory. Are you out of your mind? You can't throw a plate at a person. He was lecturing me. Who did he think he was? So go home and study. Don't make friends with people like my boss. Are you lecturing me right now? It's not like they worry about you at home. What do you mean? Don't you remember what you said when you were drunk? What did I say? Sonrise Radio That you were an invisible person at home. Yeah, I remember. I'm only seeing a terrible man go against my father and stepmother. Don't hurt yourself to be loved. Just forgive your father and live. Is that how you're living? I heard from your boss. That your life is pitiful. Go home. Don't ever come here again. Tell me. Did you forgive your mother? I may not be able to forgive her. But I won't purposely hate her. Why not? Why not? Because that will be too hard on me! So you should stop too. Don't hurt yourself and live Sonrise Radio.

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