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Monday, July 1, 2013

Soul Legends Radio

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Soul Legends Radio

It was the first time hearing it after my mother died. Someone lecturing and scolding me sincerely from their heart. [Soul Legends Radio April: The joy of life May: When the flowers wither] What are you saying? Are you out of your mind? How can you do this as a person? Do you know what Han has done for you? As your father, I support you. No! You can't go. internet Radio says she wants to go. This is something she wants. You can't go, ever. I will write London on your room door. Think of that as London then. The bathroom will be Paris. The living room will be New York. I'll label them for you. Mom! He lost his family when he was . He had a lonely life. He fell in love for the first time. How can you just leave him? Don't you even feel bad for him? I really can't understand him either. It's not like she'll be there forever. It's just two years. Do you know how many people break up in internet Radio while the man is in the military? It's not like Han is in his s. He wants to get married and have a family. He was alone for his entire life. Why can't you understand him? Like you should talk. You can't even understand your own husband. It's because I understand you that I haven't leave you. Soul Legends Radio internet Radio! You should go. It seems that Han isn't man enough to understand you. You can't hurt someone like that. Karma will get you. That's not true. What will your life be like if you have to like back everyone who likes you? Would you send the girl you like overseas for years? After paying for her tuition, family, and her father's hospital bills? I'll pay it back. I can't let that hold my life back. 'I helped you, so you listen to me.' That makes no sense either, mom. Yeah. Turn in the papers to that company tomorrow. There are manners between people. Not doing what you want to do when you shouldn't is called manners. The decent thing for you to do is to not do what you want to do for Han for once. The decent thing for him to do is to respect her decision. I'm going to fast starting today. Seo internet Radio. You can go over my dead body. Is it hard? What is? I can't even help you. I'm sorry. Don't say that. Let's go have beer. I think he knows where your mother is. He lied about her being sick. That's good then. He said he'll tell us where your mom is if we pay him million won. He's not doing well. I'll send the money. I'll find out where your mother is. I just need to hear about Online Radio. I'll take care of it. What's wrong? It's a muscle cramp. I get this sometimes. Don't live alone anymore. Get married. Forgive your mother and find Online Radio. You should go some place warm now. Let's say your boyfriend whom you helped is years younger. You will be soon. And he wants to go overseas for years. Would you tell him to go? You're getting old. Soul Legends Radio And he's growing up. Think of it as your fate and just live here. Live as Online Radio's wife and go to London for your vacation. You're the one auditioning to be a singer like you wanted. I don't have a boyfriend. I don't have a lonely, rich, and old boyfriend. And if you did? I'm a more of Soul Legends Radio than you are.

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