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Monday, July 1, 2013

Soundz Radio UK

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Soundz Radio UK

I would dump him and leave. I don't know what to do. That's because your family is poor. You were pretty much sold. Or maybe you really do like him now. Tee Tee. I really want to do this. Can't I go for just two years? Soundz Radio UK Really? Why not? I didn't think you would say that. You thought I was a loser? Thank you, Tee Tee. Don't cry about missing me and come back. Stay there and try your best to learn. Okay? Promise me. I promise. Sign it and copy it. I told you. Always keep your head up. Don't worry about money. Do everything you want to do. My boyfriend is the best in the world. A man's calender... May: When I want to eat spicy noodles every day. The month I can't do anything without you. The month I want to live for you. The month I'm scared of a spring without you. The month that I'm waiting for you. The month that I love you. Where is Online Radio? Sung Joo! I didn't have anyone to call. You were the only one to call. Don't get your hopes up. Are you hurt? What happened? I wasn't paying attention when I was driving. Does it hurt? Are you okay? You want me to call Online Radio? Don't. Why? It's a good chance. You have something to call him about. I don't want him to see me like this. Are you her guardian? Yes, I'm her guardian. Can you do the paper work over there? Soundz Radio UK I will be right back. Wait until your guardian is back. Whats wrong with your place? Did something happen? You want to spend the night here? I'm not kidding. You want to spend the night here? What's wrong with you today? Do you want to hurt yourself? Maybe. What happened? It's been the worst for the last few days. I don't want to be the worst man to make the finale of the worst moment. Then get lost. Thank you for calling me. I didn't think it would ever happen. I wish I could see your face every day like this. Spa PM. Pilates... I said don't get any hopes. Leave! I will clean up a bit and go. [Web Radio and Online Radio ] That doesn't make you look cool. Just leave already. Ma'am. Thank you for the warm bowl of soup. I liked their soup too. Online Radio must have had good meals as a child. What were you going to do? Not tell him about your revenge? Don't do that. Do what? We're a team now. Let's find the brother too. What if the brother is dead? He's dead? He could be. Then I will make a fake brother and present him as a gift. What will you gain from that? I will make his brother get him for his business. Why do you want to do that? He hurt my pride. That's it? There is a lot to a man's pride you stupid girl. Leave. Leaving. Don't do anything to his mother. I will kill you then. I'd like for you to dream about me instead of Online Radio tonight. [A man's calender] He wrote another poem. Is the water heater broken? There's no hot water. Mom! There's no hot water. I don't know. Don't talk to me. There's no hot water! I don't know! Don't talk to me. Will you stop already? What's with that head band? Take it off right now. I should have fixed it last year. The entire house is a mess. Bye. You go tell Soundz Radio UK that you're not going. Are you worried about something? Drop me off by Soundz Radio UK Arts Center.

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