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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

South Devon Sound

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South Devon Sound

Say that I'm going to the office late. What's it for? It's personal. You have a date in the morning? Okay. Yes, ma'am. Han? You can't have a weak heart. internet Radio is doing that because she is too young. Don't let her go. I will try to convince her one more time. Don't convince her. Stop her by all means. Okay Han? I don't want my daughter to live overseas at her age. Do this for me. I'm sick in bed. Hello. I brought the paper work. Thank you for the opportunity. You will be leaving next month. Please be ready by then. Okay. Online Radio please. Okay. Hi, can I help you? Does internet Radio have a meeting in the morning? He's not in the office. He's out for something personal. When is he coming back? I don't know. I can't reach him at the moment. One, two, three, four, five... zeroes. Now tell me. South Devon Sound Wait a bit. I'm looking for her. You already know where she is. I don't. I will call you when I find her. Wait for me. I may need more money while looking for her. Look at this thug. Call the police! It's here. Promise me that you won't tell her that I told you. She may really kill me. She is not at all what she looks like. Hi. Did you want a bowl of soup? Yes please. bowl of soup. Okay. I think I found your mother. Is that her? What's wrong? Does it taste bad? I will come back next time. Why aren't you resigning? You want me to go that badly? How did it go? I'm leaving. I turned in the paper work this morning. It feels weird. I'm happy for you. But it's hard to accept that I won't be seeing you every day. Thank you for helping me on my interview that day. What does your boyfriend say? He encouraged me to go. That's good. When are you leaving? About the end of the next month? Can I come over with kimchi? They probably have kimchi there. How about seaweed and anchovy? They have that there too. Is something wrong? I just haven't drank for a long time. Web Radio sent a lot of money to my mother's account. That's good. Are you not angry anymore? When was I ever angry? I wasn't. Don't underestimate Web Radio. He's always on top of us. Yes. You're his right hand. Who is South Devon Sound? You don't know either? Who is that? I don't know either. South Devon Sound Gap told me to ask Web Radio who South Devon Sound is. That crazy bastard. Don't you go to Web Radio and ask him. I won't! I just wanted to know if you knew. He just wants to start a fight. Don't worry about it. It's late. You should go home. Eat this with your aunt. I made some food for you. That will be good enough for you to pack a lunch. Don't cry again. I will see you tomorrow. Thank you, ma'am. I'm sorry. We're closed today. Are you Yoon Hong Ja? We're the police. What's wrong? We need to ask you some questions. Please take a seat. Do you know Kim Sung Joon? You know him well right? Do you know where he is right now? His family would know. Why are you asking me? You didn't know that he was missing? Missing? Missing? It's him right? Why is he missing? Since when? Excuse us. [A man's calender] It's good. What a cool guy. This is a good poem. I think he wrote it last night. I like Lee Jae Hee.

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