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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spam Radio

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Spam Radio

Spam Radio Invite him home some time before you leave. Stop twotiming. Online Radio is someone you want to take care of and pity. But I don't want him as my daughter's match. You can say that I'm selfish. But I'd rather have someone else comfort him. Online Radio wrote this. Are you asleep? Is anything leaking in this room? No. The roof is coming down. Are you sick? No, I'm just tired. Did you tell Han that you're not leaving? You're so stubborn. [internet Radio] When were you here? We need to talk. You can contact your boss and the HR about your resignation. If you want to talk to me, come to the address I just sent you. Say what you want to say. What is this place? I called you here because I have work to do. Do I have to tell you why I chose this place? What is it that you want to talk about? Should I give up? I don't want to leave with a heavy heart. Why is it heavy? Do you really not know? I don't know. Are you dumb? Or are you just being mean? Do I have to tell you? Two years. I will try to wait. Have a great trip. Marry me after years. In years, come back wearing this ring. We will text every day. Video chat every day. Time will fly if we just do that. I'm sorry I wasn't being mature. Will you forgive me? Thank you. What are you doing? Hey! What took you so long? Mom, we're leaving! Mom! What happened to my shoes? Oh no! Was it leaking here too? The house is going to fall down. It's all wet. You'll need to wear this then. I don't want to. Why not? They're new shoes. You said you were going somewhere important. I don't want to. I'm just going to wear these. Those are all wet. They even have stains. It's okay. I can just wear this. You're so weird. Did you pack your phone and wallet? Oh yeah. Just put it in the bag then. I have known Web Radio since he was in his s. I've known him when he wasn't the president. Spam Radio He will make this deal go through. Spam Radio Remember when we bought out Nabi Capital? Who would have thought that we'd buy them? He pretended to give up. Then he would sneak up from behind later. I was with him for about hours then. I didn't know either. No one can stand his tactics. He is so smart. He has a lot of protein in his brain. He's scary. That's not something you can learn. It's like an animal instinct. He was a Siberian Tiger in his past life. A tiger that has killed many people. I will make this deal go through with this tiger president. internet Radio, have you made the preparations? Of course. Let's get going. Sit here. internet Radio! You want to sit by the window? I'm fine. I'm so inconsiderate. Come here Seo internet Radio. Show me something extravagant and unique. I need something like that to cheer me up. Yes ma'am. I will try them on now. Was there a special occasion? We had someone propose here. Please have something to drink. It's funny what people do. Would you like to see? [Online Radio, Seo internet Radio Proposal Event Ring Model N] What is this? He made the reservation in a hurry on that day. Spam Radio We could only accommodate because we had a lounge available. He proposed? Yes, they were the best looking couple this month.

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