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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

107 Spark FM Sunderland

107 Spark FM Sunderland, 107 Spark FM Sunderland Listen Online, 107 Spark FM Sunderland Live, Public Radio, UK

107 Spark FM Sunderland

Do you know them? The president of the company is getting coffee and you two are sleeping? You really are asleep. Don't. What? I said don't. You caught us. Am I dreaming right now? We ended up telling you first. It was a secret between us. internet Radio's boyfriend is... you? I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you earlier. If you knew, you wouldn't have made her work. I didn't tell you so that you could make her work. I can't make her work from now then. You don't need to do that. She's not my staff. She will be 107 Spark FM Sunderland. Please keep it to yourself for a while. Here is your room key. Isn't it a waste to get three rooms? Should we share a room then? No thank you. Seo internet Radio and I are still sticking to principles. Let's go. I'm this way. What are you guys going to do? I'm going to play golf. I'm going to the hot springs. I'm going out for a drive. Then I'll see you both later. I'll treat us to a nice dinner. See you later. It's this room. I'll call you later. Okay. Hello? How are you? Miss Seo internet Radio? Yes, please go ahead. I'm sorry to tell you this. We will have to cancel hiring you. What are you saying? The London office requested a particular person. I'm really sorry. I don't understand. You didn't even mention it yesterday. I handed in all the documents that you asked for. I'm very sorry Ms. Seo internet Radio. We have made a terrible mistake. Could you explain it so that I could understand? Did someone ask you to cancel hiring me? Hello? Are you listening? Miss Seo internet Radio, why would you think that? Because this is just so sudden. Could you please tell me? Did someone ask you to cancel hiring me? We can't verify that. I'm very sorry, 107 Spark FM Sunderland internet Radio. 107 Spark FM Sunderland I thought you went out for a drive. I came back early. Are you done? No, I have a bit more left. You don't golf? I'm not very good. You will need it for business in internet Radio. Learn. internet Radio. About internet Radio. I think she has something she really wants to do rather than working for this company. And? Wouldn't it be better for you to let her do it? You told her that she could go right? She was worried if her boyfriend would let her go. She even said that? You guys are closer than I thought. So you approve? If I were you, then I would have gladly let her go. But I guess I'm not that confident. I was worried when I heard that she was going overseas. You don't need to be worried. I liked internet Radio first, and I like her more than she likes me. Is that why you didn't let her go? I told her she could go. But honestly I hope it doesn't work out so that she can't go. I'm terrible, huh? Shouldn't you respect her decision if you love her? It seems that you're more worried about internet Radio than I am. Don't cry. Are you in there internet Radio? Are you sleeping? I'm sorry. Get out. Yes? Where are you? I'm in my room. Let's have some wine. I'll call you as soon as I get hold of internet Radio. Okay, sounds good. [internet Radio] Yeah where are you? I was going to ask you to have some wine with me. I'm in my room. Really? I'll go to your room now. Can you call Jae Hee and tell him to come? Okay. Subtitles by DramaFever You're ruining your business because your relationship with your girlfriend went bad? That's so childish. That's not something you should say. I don't think that internet Radio is a good match for you. It was not a mistake yesterday. I really meant it. I have something to ask about your brother. Why did he go to prison? I'm speaking for 107 Spark FM Sunderland. If the truth is hard to hide then... Are you mocking me? I have something to tell you. It worked out as you wanted it. What do you mean? You want to get married this weekend?

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