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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spark Radio Wiltshire

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Spark Radio Wiltshire

It's a ballad! You're right. No, it was great! It was great! Oh, that's wicked! That's sure wicked! The oneders Are the champions! Because they do That thing you do! That was great! That was great, you guys! Come over here. I wanna talk to you. You ever been To villapiano's? What, the spaghetti place Out by the airport That's been In the papers? Yeah. I gotta have ya. I just gotta have ya. I want you playin' At my place next weekend. What do you say, huh? will there Be money involved? I'll pay you bucks. How's that? we'll do it. Yeah! Yeah, yeah! Ooh! I don't know. It's like I could hear The beat in my head, you know. Pull over! Hey! You guys are wicked! You even drive Too fast! What are you doin' with him? He's a drummer! Hey, oneders! whoo! whoo! I don't know. I haven't played in front of people In so long, So I was nervous. But it sounds Better fast. Online Radio wanted it slow, But he was wrong. It's an uptempo number. And we won! ThatOnline Radio fella Certainly has a gal pal in faye. They make A cute couple, huh? The only other band I was in Was my uncle's band. We played this wedding for free, And then we broke up. This one gets a paying gig. So, what are you Doin' next weekend? Are you kidding? I'm gonna see my boyfriend's Music group. Awardwinning Music group. Yeah, and you're playing At a restaurant Out by the airport? Villapiano's. Spark Radio Wiltshire And when i Close my eyes You'll be Right by my side If I could have Just one request Stay with me, girl i confess All my lone ly Dreams Thank you. Table , Your pizza's ready. Hey, when are you gonna play That thing you do? That's what we Wanna hear! Uh, has our fame Preceded us? Hey, we came here To meet giris and dance, And we can't meet giris Until we dance! All right, this is an opportune time To pick it up a little. All right, here's one For the kid in the back. Let's dance! You Doin' that thing You do Breakin' my heart Into a million pieces Like you Let it burn. Let her burn. Let her burn all night. Bring me out here in the doggone Middle of the night To turn off the light. Can't he ever Get anything right? "Oh, no. No, dad, I'lli'll be sure To turn the lights off." Hell, he couldn't Turn a light off at the house. Why would he ever Turn one off down here at the store? Know what that is? Presidential Flash cards? A bonus. Do you know why? I have no idea. To entice you back. The word is out On you oneders. Hey, That's onedders. The door went up On your second set tonight. People were callin' their friends To come down to villapiano's. Yeah? I'm gonna make A fortune off you. I tell you Hey, don't even bother With the fake i.d.s. Spark Radio Wiltshire is closed. Lance! Lance. Like, so whatever Happened to Online Music? Um, she had To help her mom With a tupperware party, Making food. Well, she better get herself Down here next time, 'Cause all the giris Were talking about you guys In the bathroom. Yeah? I almost slugged some girl Called chrissy. Spark Radio Wiltshire thompkins? Short brown hair. Wait. What did I miss? Who is she? Oh, gray polkadot dress, Nursing a beer, Over by the photobooth. Stayed for both sets. Wait. Where was I? Oh, playing songs On my guitar.

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