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Saturday, July 27, 2013

105 Uckfield FM

105 Uckfield FM, 105 Uckfield FM Live, 105 Uckfield FM Listen Online, Pop Radio, UK

105 Uckfield FM

Half the Online Radio' publishing, half of my publishing, half of all the artists that he signed went to Warner Bros, but he got them to return mine. Hit Music turned me on to the Online Radio. He had turned me on to a lot of artists, and I felt I owed him something. And that, not surprisingly, was not acceptable rationale to the Online Radio! There's a certain amount of ire, like, real, you know, like, "What the Live Radio? "I mean, we didn't get our publishing back!" So, it was the publishing issue and the fact that the business managers and the lawyers were all shared common guys, and did they have a conflict when an issue came up and which side to take? Well, it just makes you feel like meat, you know? It started out as such a personal, nurturing endeavour, you know, with Mr Geffen saying, "Oh, I'm going to protect you guys. "That's why I'm calling my new label 'Asylum'. "It's going to be a sanctuary for real artists. " He once said to Irving Azoff, "You know, Irving, this would be a great business "if there weren't artists. " Irving was the one guy who really believed in us, that I thought could do something to help us. I basically hired a lawyer and went in after I said, "The Online Radio would like their publishing back, to which the obvious response was, "No". He sort of drew a line in the sand and declared war, so I felt, for my survival, as their manager, I needed to prove to them that I wasn't afraid of Geffen and would stand up and, you know. The lawsuit was filed as a last resort. I don't think David liked reading his name in the lawsuit. I thought it was incredibly ungrateful and they misrepresented the facts, but so be it. Ultimately, we settled out of court, and I don't believe it took very long. He just wanted to get rid of us. This is our new record contract. Just paper! So, then we headed off, for parts unknown with Irving Azoff at the helm. This card game is called Eagle Poker. It's a bastardization of Red Dog. I invented it in Detroit, Michigan, in ... .. one year before I was born. We were big gamblers. We played poker all the time. Oh, boy. They should have never given me money! So, we decided we'd go to the Bahamas to gamble. Everybody but Don was holding. I had like four joints in a baggie, stuffed down my sock in my cowboy boot. Durkin, the pilot, has a joint. Irving had about valiums in a sugar pack. There was a couple of customs officials there that asked us to collect all our luggage and come over, and they wanted to search us 'cause we looked terrible. We had really long hair and patches on our jeans and a beard and not slept. Now, I'm freaking out. Bernie's freaking out. Irving's freaking out. Henley's pissed off. Don't touch me. Well, the guy proceeds to put us all in a room together, and they start searching us one by one. My greatest fear is that I'm going to be locked in a jail cell with Bernie Leadon. So, at this point, Irving steps in and takes one of the Bahamian customs guys over to the side and has a chat with him. I'm not sure, to this day, what Irving said to him. The next thing I knew, they let us pass with no problem.

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