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Friday, July 26, 2013

UCB Inspirational

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UCB Inspirational

We did a lot of stupid things, said a lot of stupid things. It was the 's. UCB Inspirational There were drugs everywhere. Cactus sunrise was in my face Everyone was dying Everyone was lying and trying Well, rub your belly in the linseed oil... There you go. Well, the heartbreak of psoriasis has once again descended upon the adolescent experience, and we'll see you later. See you at the show later on tonight. The question was, you know, who could handle it? Who could function? Who could show up? One of these nights One of these crazy long nights We're Online Radio find out, pretty mama What turns on your lights The full moon is calling The fever is high And the wicked wind whispers and more You got your demons And you got desires But I got a few of my own Ooooh, someone to be kind to In between the dark and the light Ooooh, comin' right behind you Swear I'm Online Radio find you One of these nights One of these days There were always girls. There were a lot of opportunities out on the road to entertain ourselves with one thing or another. So, we started to perfect aftershow partying, and we invented a place called the Third Encore. We did two encores in our show, so the third encore was the party. Everybody in the band and everybody in the crew was given a bunch of buttons, and all we said was, "No weirdos, no strange people, OK? If you're going to give a button to somebody, you know, make it count. " Totally sick. There's some real warped Radios coming on now, ladies and gentlemen. A member of Andy Warthog's popbowel movement has just tried to crash our party. What the? Welcome to Pittsburgh UCB Inspirational. We want to just ask these girls why they think they have to leave now that it's :. One thing, he smells like beer. We'd fill the bathtubs up with Budweiser, and we'd have a party after every show. Your name, please. Tammy Farley. Tammy, Tammy, Tammy. Here we have Karen. Karen is years old. Is that correct? Yeah. What's your name, dear? Live Radio it, man. Pardon? Live Radio it. Her name's "Live Radio it, man. " I want to talk about sex and drugs. Who wants to go first? I'm not lost for words on either subject. Sex and drugs kind of came as a big package in the 's. You know, it seemed like everybody, the sexual revolution and the drug thing, I guess, probably started out together. Didn't they? Don and I both tried to have relationships while we were members of the Eagles, but it was always like the Eagles trumped everything. When the UCB Inspirational became successful, we challenged all the rules. Like when David Geffen left Asylum Records and sold everything to Warner Bros and started his new empire. Let's be frank. When we signed that contract, we were idiots. We knew nothing about the business. We had poor legal representation, nobody looking out for us. Remember, bands don't really get record royalties usually ever. So, they get money from touring, but they get publishing money. So, in the very beginning, one thing that UCB Inspirational did that I thought was great. He had us form a band publishing company. All the band's publishing went in that. The problem was Geffen had the other half.

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