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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spirit FM

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Spirit FM

Spirit FM What's goin' on down there? Dad? Harriet priestly Just called your mama. Her husband Drove by the store And said the lights Were still on. What are the lights Still doing on? I'm cookin' the books As usual, dad. The sign, guy. The sign is still on. Are we open for business All night now? No. Sorry. I, uh, I'll turn that right off. Is that music playing on one Of the store hifis? I'll turn that Right off, too. "Turn that off, too." Dang. Ohh. But I thought you Already decided on the echoes. Nah. Some band In buffalo's the echoes. Anyway, I wasn't Wild about that. Let's just Call us the band You're about to hear. How'bout The corvettes? Is that the corvettes Or the chordvettes? No. Corvettes, Like the car. Well, see, I was thinkin', Like, the chord Spirit FM. Like chords in our music. No. here you are. That's cents. Is that Skitch patterson? Hi. Hey there. Mornin', everybody. Mornin'. Hey, guy. Well, here we are. Erie's lone beatnik. Any others? What about the tempos? You know, tempos? Not the tempos. Tempos I was in a band already Called the tempos. We were Terrible. Hey, guy, weren't You the drummer in the tempos? Heard that. I keep comin' back To the herdsmen. How'bout The big tippers? I like it. Ok, skitch. You wanna experience Shame tonight? We're playin' the mercyhurst College talent show. It's gonna be Hilarious. Online Radio and the herdsmen. Spirit FM Chad gonna solo On wipeout? Oh, you know, every song Is wipeout to chad. Enjoy your breakfast. See ya, faye. I gotta pass, But if you kids Need any new wires or plugs, Give me a call. All right, well, You're gonna miss it. College giris, coeds By the fistful. Ooh, hey, my dad Wants a rotoantenna. Tell him to come by The store. He already talked To a salesman at telemart. That's a big mistake. Online Radio, those cats Don't know squat about service. Hey, hey, hey. Lookin' good. Hmm? Morning. Don't we open at : On saturdays? Yes, we do. And it's a good thing. You know, Like the flock that follows, But it's like " herds" With a ea. So it's like Heardsmen, So it's one of The six senses. Right. So it's spelled Like that. What do you Think? A big herd. Heards. I don't get it. No, it's spelled like this, So it's heards, So it's one of the senses. Music heards. I don't I don't get it. Yeah, do it. Oh, heards, Like hear. Yes. It's, like, Heardsmen. Heardsmen. Oh, no. Oh. Ow. Guys. Chad fell down. Ok venus? Ok, steve. Right. Let's go. Unh! Oh, hey. Look at this. See this? My grandma and i Watched this. Three weeks, We've been watching it, And last week, she realizes There's strings. They're puppets. Yeah. They're marionettes. That's what they are. What can I help you with Today, gentlemen? We have a big proposition For you, guy. You, uh, you still, uh, Playing percussión? I told you he was, Didn't I? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every day. We need you, skitch. How'bout sittin' in for chad, Just for tonight. Why? Spirit FM Just broke his arm. Let's check out these clock radios Over here, huh? Oh, yeah. Would anyone notice If chad busted his arm? Ha ha. These are the clock radios, Fellas. So what's this tune? Well, it's an original That I wrote.

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