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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spitfire Radio

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Spitfire Radio

Spitfire Radio Here you go, kids. On the house. She had her eye On myOnline Radio. Hey, three stooges, Come on, out. She had some fine things to say About our drummer as well, though. Get out. What'd she say? İ don't know. Hey, guys. I don't Mean to interrupt. I just wanna say that, Uh, love your song, love that music. I wanna know where I can Get the record. Outside. Hey, pops! Pops? İ'll give you a pop. Hey, wasn't That our fan? Hey, what do you guys Think about that? what? Maybe we should Make a record. Like, actually Make a record. A recordrecord Record? Yeah, That's what I mean. Not one That we'd play. Yeah, I mean, we could, like, Sell copies of them right here For a buck apiece. There's a sound booth At telemart that we could use. No, that's for, Like, two people. That's for Birthday greetings. You're talkin' To spartacus here. I happen to have a relative In the record industry. Ooh. Uncle bob? Uncle Who's uncle bob? He records church music. Choirs, favorite sermons, Stuff my mom listens to. So could he Record our music? maybe. Wouldn't do it For free. Spitfire Radio And we'd have to Watch our language. Wah! 'Cause we Could be happy, Can't you see? If you'd only let me Be the one to hold you And keep you here With me 'Cause it hurts me so Just to see you go Around with someone new And if I know you, You're doin' that thing Every day, Just doin' that thing And I can't take you Doin' that thing you do That was swingin', man! Swingin'? Swingin'! That's good, right? Swingin' is good? I think It was still too fast. Thank you, uncle bob. Thank you very very much. Say hi To your dad for me. You got it. Hey, what about All my own dreams? I got to be in buffalo At : to record a children's choir. I only got That one take. Hey, uncle bob, when are we gonna Get these records? Uh Online Radio :. "And your patience Possess ye your souls." Online Radio? Who's Online Radio? When are we Gettin' the record? Wednesday. come on! Come on! Hey, these are The oneders? No. It's the oneders. The oneders. One. But the band is Playing here tonight? Yeah. They made a record? Yeah. Neato. Here, your change. Thank you. so you mean, You can see me from up there? Oh, crystal clearly. You've been here Every night. You know, you guys Are way better than anything. I told my parents I was going over To my friends' Bobbie and joanne To study, but I didn't. I came here, instead. I'm stooping to subterfuge For you guys. Spitfire Radio Subter Hey, uh, skitch, Your girlfriend Just walked in the door. Oh, great. Spitfire Radio Online Music made it. I'll handle this. Don't worry. Thanks. Hi. I'm Online Radio. Hi. What's your name? Chrissy. T. Hey. You came! As promised. Hey! And look. New dancing shoes. Ah. You look great. Yeah, he's got a very Pretty girlfriend, doesn't he? Is it serious, Do you know? Very serious. I'm single. What about The bass player? He's married. Is it always This smoky? Hey, ringo, It's showtime. Spitfire Radio Come on, you should've Been on five minutes ago. With them, I feel like I'm wastin' my time And you make me feel Like I'm losin' my mind Little wild Spitfire Radio My little wild One Oh, I left My girl, fine But then I need you All the time Little wild one I'll come back I'll take one.

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