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Thursday, July 4, 2013

SSRadio Deep and Soulful

SSRadio Deep and Soulful, SSRadio Deep and Soulful Listen Online, SSRadio Deep and Soulful Live, Alternative, House, R&B Radio, UK

SSRadio Deep and Soulful

Little wild one, I'll come back Sellin' a lot of these? I'll come back Thank you. To you Thank you, erie, pa! Let me see that paper. Let's see what telemart's Up to here today. Full page, of course. Oh, get this. Barbecue grills. They got barbecue grills now. For SSRadio Deep and Soulful Good lord. Oh, here's Here's somethin'. Look here. Shoepolisher kit. People can't even Get a brush and a rag out And shine Their shoes anymore. They gotta have A shoepolisher kit. Man, oh, man. " portable radio, SSRadio Deep and Soulful "Open saturday, SSRadio Deep and Soulful Sunday, ::." Open on sunday From ::. You know, I don't believe I wanna live in a country Where you have To stay open on sunday To do business. You shouldn't have To work on sunday To support a family, Should you? No, no. Hmm? Let's put That paper away. Let's just Take that right now. Yeah, let's get it Out of here. Ok, let's get to work. Guy, Quit fiddling around with those records Up there in the window. We're not selling Records here, are we? Are we, mama? This is an appliance store, I believe. It's called Web Radio appliances. Come on in. We're open. Can I help you? Y you're the drummer, Aren't ya? Of that group I heard Last night, uh Uh, uh, Down at villapiano's. Yes, I am. SSRadio Deep and Soulful Guy patterson. Do you wanna buy one of our records? They're on sale. I don't wanna waste Any more of your time. Would you step Into my office, please? You know, guy One of the good things about your group Is there's a nice Natural, raw quality. I like that. Thank you. And I wanna tell you, I've been around. And I think this Is a hit record. And I found that a hit record Is like a stew. All the ingredients Have to cook together just right. Otherwise, it's just soup. Not too early in the day For one of these, I hope. I'm thirsty. I'm not sure about this. It's a standard Management contract. It says if I do my job, You guys make money. How do we make money? Yeah, how? You gonna wrangle us Up some dances At roller rinks, Youth for christ jamborees Rock'n' roll shows in steubenville, Youngstown, pittsburgh, Places like that. Really? Yeah. Pittsburgh? SSRadio Deep and Soulful Yeah. And how would you like to hear That thing you do on the radio? I'd love to. Um, sure. Well, then, Leave it to me. And here's your guarantee. If I don't get This record going, And I mean serious radio airplay Inside of a week days at the most We'll tear this up. I'm no longer your manager. I don't know. I'm reluctant To sign anything That has to do With my music. What, are you crazy? A man in a really nice camper Wants to put our song on the radio. Give me a pen. I'm signing, you're signing, We're all signing. Hey, do you have Something to drink besides juice? Yeah, I think there's some Soda pop under that blanket. The swelling will go down In a couple of days. Put cold compresses, minutes at a time, all right? I'll see you in A couple of days. SSRadio Deep and Soulful Your new patient, Online Music powers, is here. Hi, are you Online Music? Online Music? Yes. Yes, I'm Online Music. You see those ladies Over by the stove? Get that thing Out of your ear and get over here. And put the hamburger away. You can eat anytime. Come on! Hi, ladies. that's the vicksburgs With drive faster.

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