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Thursday, July 4, 2013

SSRadio Funk and Disco

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SSRadio Funk and Disco

Wj et hittime, minutes past the hour. Hey, here's something new. A local erie band's Got a new record out. SSRadio Funk and Disco Just won the mercyhurst Talent show a couple of weeks ago. This is erie's own The oneders! Oh, my god! You Doin' that thing You do Breakin' my heart Into a million pieces Aah! We're On the radio! The radio's playing That thing you do! Aah! Aah! Even knew About the heartache Aah! Aah! I try and try To forget you Comes in beige, Classic white, Avocado Aah! Aah! Oh, my god! Guy! Guy! Turn on the radio! They're playing it! Ok. Turn it on. 'Cause I try and try To forget you But it's just So hard to do Every time Son, you wanna get your Cottonpickin' mitts off that! Yeah! I don't ask around, girl So I know one thing's For sure Did you hear it? Huh? Yeah. Yes! We're on the radio! Put that down. That is a very expensive floor display. Web Radio appliances. What? Yes! We're listening To it right now! Yes! I am spartacus! Oh, I can't believe I missed it. Well, it played times This afternoon. So you said. SSRadio Funk and Disco But it's not like I haven't Heard your song, guy. I have. You know what? There's a big Rock'n' roll show This weekend In pittsburgh. SSRadio Funk and Disco Guess who's playing? Oh, this weekend. You will not believe What I have to do. I'm getting the crown replaced On my number molar. It'sit's like gonna Take all day tomorrow with the dentist. All day? At the dentist? Mmhmm. You're gonna miss , screaming fans Going crazy For yours truly. Ha ha ha ha! Man, I'm giddy. Yes, well, giddy boy, I'm tired, so Talk to you soon. Don't get into any trouble Down there in pittsburgh. Oh, I never do 'Cause I Am Spartacus. Hello? witi radio Calendar reminder. Boss vic koss, The three rivers mattress king Presents a cavalcade of rock'n' roll Stars live and in person At the majestic Orpheum theater. big shows With the vicksburgs, Online Music anne, the hollyhocks, And many, many others. From the man who gives you the $ blackjack swimset special, All you have to do is say, "Hit me, boss vic koss" Vicksburgs In the pittsburgh, Vicksburgs In pittsburgh. Abby, the rub. Give me the rub. SSRadio Funk and Disco Ladies. How're my boys? Ready to show pittsburgh No mercy. Hello, pittsburgh! Hello, pittsburgh, hello. Boss vic koss. Boss vic koss. Who am I? Boss vic koss. Boss vic koss. Thanks for remembering, Pittsburgh. We got a great show For you today. A big show, A kingsize show! Which reminds me, How're you sleeping? Who's gonna hit me? Hit me! Hit me! You gonna hit me? SSRadio Funk and Disco Hit me! Hit me! Who's gonna hit me? Hit me! Hit me! All right! Let's go! We gotjon d And the walkers. We got the hollyhocks. We got the vicksburgs In pittsburgh. But first it's time to fix that solid Not broken heart If we're gonna shake, bake, And make With lake erie's own The oneders. Fire one up. Come on. Come on SSRadio Funk and Disco Come on. Thank you. Hey, hey! The mike's not on. Wethe mike's Not working. The mike's not working. All right. Who am I not paying Back here? Come on. let's here it. Come on! come on! Thank you. Thank you. We're the oneders. SSRadio Funk and Disco Would you play some Friggin' music? Come on! All right.

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