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Friday, July 5, 2013

SSRadio Hard and Fast

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SSRadio Hard and Fast

SSRadio Hard and Fast Forget it. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Right now! Look, guy, I keep telling ya. You are the drummer. You're the backbone, The timekeeper. You can't let a tepid reaction From one matinee house Affect your dedication To the band. I was playing like one of those Windup monkey toys. They booed us Off the stage. Online Radio couldn't even hear How offkey he was. You're gonna get it all back tonight, I promise you. You know what you need? You need to sample The exotic cuisine of the far east. What do you say? Come on. I'm buying. Well, son of a gun. We're right on time. Here's somebody I want you to meet. Mr. White This is guy patterson. Hi. Sit down. SSRadio Hard and Fast White is with Playtone records. He just happened to be In town this week, And he caught the show This afternoon. Oh, great. Nevertheless, I think he wants to talk Business with you. Well, I have heard Your record, guy, and I like it. I like it a lot. That thing you do, You know, it's snappy. Yeah, snappy. It's a hit record. We'd like to release it. And add the oneders To the playtone stable Of artists. Just like that. SSRadio Hard and Fast Well, some papers Will have to be signed, And you'll have to get me The master recording tapes, And you will have to say Goodbye to phil here. Wait. No. Phil's our manager. Not anymore. My birddogging is done. Playtone's gonna take Real good care of you. Uh, what if we don't Wanna be with playtone? I don't know, no offense. None taken. You want to stay In pittsburgh And play to the Three rivers crowd, Phil here Is your man. No, no. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Guy Playtone has a show Touring state fairs. This is the big time. The full bore. This is A rock'n' roll tour That will feature The oneders Provided you quit sitting On your brain. We'd be on tour? Yeah! A tour? With other stars Of the playtone galaxy. I have to talk this over With the rest of the band. See what I mean? Smart. Very good. Next this oneders With the one It doesn't work. It's confusing. From now on you boys Will just be simply the wonders. As in I wonder what happened To the oneders? That's right. Playtone will release The record nationally, But you'll be doing An awful lot of promoting as we go, So be prepared. All my only dreams Is on the " b" side? SSRadio Hard and Fast We only got one take of that When we did that in church. Could we rerecord that? I don't think so. I think it's great just the way it is. We are gonna get you Some new clothes. Matching suits, Nice suits. Nice, because You are nice boys. SSRadio Hard and Fast Except maybe For you. So when do we cut Our next record? Touring is the priority, Um,Online Radio. We're gonna meet up with the rest Of the playtone gang In columbus as soon As possible. You'll be out on the road with them Until labor day. Not me. Is this a mutiny Already? No, see, um Well, I joined the united states Marine corps Back at home. So, um I have to report to south carolina At the end of august, Which means I have To leave the band At the end of august. But you will stay with the band Until the end of august? Yes, sir. Ok, next, uh Who is faye? Uh Faye's sort of, uh, Like my girlfriend. Oh, that is So sweet.

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