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Friday, July 5, 2013

SSRadio Lounge and Chill

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SSRadio Lounge and Chill

You want her On tour? SSRadio Lounge and Chill your Costume mistress. All right, boys, do better tonight Than you did today. I'm gonna go up And have a chat With boss vic Kosslovitch, Make sure your mikes work This time. Ah! Guy See what the worid looks Like through those. And you Percussionist foster grant. Well, you're an adult, So go on. Go on off then and bang On your bongo drums as long as you like. It's for the summer, dad. I'll drop you a line. Yeah. Mmhmm. Yeah, yeah. You do that. Tell mom I love her. I'll tell her. Well, mama, Your son Who loves you Just left us In the lurch. Darlene, you just Got promoted. You mean, you're gonna Start paying me? I didn't say that. Oh, hi, folks. How're you doing today? Hey, isn't it about time You got going? Special moment For any recording artist. It's our record! Wow! Wow. Wow, wow, wow! Ooh! İt's got a hole in it. It's got grooves. It's a playtone record! Hey, you're missing somebody, guy. Where's your bass player? Oh, he went sniffing around The chantrellines' bus. Guess he's trying To get a glimpse. A big crush On them sirens. Radios dane! Radios dane! We love you. I had my first Boygirl thing. It was for a picture Of you on a record sleeve. Yeah, charming. Excuse me. Radios dane! Really, honestly, You were very important to me. You the wonders? We sure are. And you're freddy Fredrickson. Aw, this is Too much. I heard your tune in sound check. It's catchy, man. Thanks. First record I ever bought Was theme from SSRadio Lounge and Chill. Darkness falls, And the night's begun Wow. You sing Better than I do. The river of lights As bright as the sun Ok. I'll see you Out there. Under the waning moon There's danger To be found For the man with the badge In the night The man with the badge In the night What's his name? Mr. Downtown Mr. Downtown Mr. Downtown Mr. Downtown Oh, you can't Run away No, you can't run away When you're walking Along with me Guy, where are Your sunglasses? Where're your sunglasses? Faye! Faye! yeah? Find guy's glasses, His sunglasses, quick! The portly gentleman Sniffing his stogy is k.o. Bailey. He's columbus' second most popular Disc jockey. Well, he's the biggest Cootie I ever saw. If he likes What he hears, He's gonna play that thing you do Tomorrow morning With , watts Behind it. It's very important You don't stink today. Hey, I make No guarantees. We bow, right? In unison. SSRadio Lounge and Chill And we're off the stage Before the applause dies out, right? What if they Want an encore? You unplug and you run, Run off stage Smiling, Smiling of course. Here you go. Here. No encores! Guy, Keep these with you. Put'em on. Put'em on. There you go. From now on, you have them with you Day and night. They're your trademark. You look good in'em. You guys look great In red. Have I told you that, yet? You have your pick? Right here. Downtown All right, this is it. If the crowd doesn't Go wild for you, Don't worry about it. They will tomorrow. Thank you, ohio. All right. Timing is everything On the entrance. Fix his jacket so it Doesn't pouf up behind. Let's give A big welcome To the latest Addition To the playtone Galaxy of stars. That's it. SSRadio Lounge and Chill Let's watch. Come on. The wonders! There you are.

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