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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Star Radio Northallerton

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Star Radio Northallerton

Star Radio Northallerton My uncle gave me that record, And we played it in The high school band. Del paxton in the high school band That's wild. Yeah, we were pretty wild In erie, penn. There was this one time When we stayed up Way past midnight, and Smiling, smiling Wait a minute, gigi. Hold on, hold on. Let's have the label Right side up, shall we? Hey, how come you guys Don't have long hair like the beatles? Don't you guys Like the beatles? You, in the linettes, Are those prescription, Or are you just trying To look cool? Well, I am The drummer. Oh. Where the hell Is solly? Sol siler is here! Hooray! All right! Solly! Hi, gigi! Hey, solly! Billy, how you doing? Hey, fran, Is that you? How was Acapulco, sol? Wonderful, Wonderful. Did mimi go with you, Or did she have to stay home? She had the flu. Solly, how's your pals In the sheriff s department? You guys spend a little too much time In the wrong places. Solly, is it true don drysdale Gave you a sock in the snooker? Old news, fred. Old news. Business, gents. Got to take care of business. Wanna tell you about my new boys, The wonders. Top and fastest ever Teen sensations. Caused the worst riot in texas Since oswald got shot. So, solly, saw you at chasen's With suzanne pleshette. Quit with that. The wife works upstairs. Let's go have Some deli. Lookin' good. What about the Dave clark five? You think all this British beat stuff is new? Give us another month, We'll be invading them. Is that it? Yeah. I'll be sure to give him The message. Thank you. Byebye. Hi. Hi. How you doin'? Good. So, how long have you worked Here at playtone? How long you been wearing Such tight pants? Wow, if that was A pickup line, We're a match Made in heaven. Excuse me, Mr. Siler. James mattingly ii, Lead singer ofthe wonders. I wrote That thing you do. I wrote many other songs That I think we should Make an appointment and share. What is Online Radio doing? arrghh! Online Radio! What in the bloody hell Is this? This is during My lunchtime? Yeah, like I got Star Radio Northallerton Time on my hands You wanna get fabian Away from me? he doesn't know Who we are. To him, we could Be anybody. he knows who The wonders are. he didn't listen To any other songs? that guy hasn't even heard That thing you do. I don't think sol siler's The person who listens to songs. he's the guy Who's in charge Of the entire Playtone galaxy. This is the man who's in charge Of our collective fate, Our creative destiny. Oh come on! Radios warned me About this. Radios dane? Radios dane. What'd she say? Never trust a label. And I'm beginning To believe her. Online Radio: Oh, I agree. Come on, they put us up In a firstclass hotel, All expenses paid While our record climbs the charts. Bunch of lying snakes. I'm sorry I'm bugging you. I guess I'm alone In my principles. Come on. There he goes, off to his room To write that hit song, Alone /n My principles. Young squires, Young squires. Faye, I'm glad to see you're Feeling better. Online Radio, right? Yeah. Listen, a major blonde In a major car just pulled up. I think she wants To show you the town. God! Great! Breathgood? No? All right. See you guys. Star Radio Northallerton Hold my calls. Listen, have you Kids had dessert? Try the Peach cobbler. Best in The southland. Hey, I got you Some flowers. You gotta understand Something aboutOnline Radio. Hishis standards Are way up there Because he's so smart. He tested in high school At genius level, So that's why I feel terrible. I'm gonna go back to bed. Yeah, that's A good idea. Bye, faye. Bye. Thanks. Ma'am. Thank you. IfOnline Radio's a genius I'm u thant. Who's u thant? He's the secre Forget it. You wanna get Out of here? Go see some Of the coast? Yes, definitely. Or maybe, um What's that theater That the, um The movie stars put their hands In the front? Oh. Grauman's Chinese theater. That'd be fun. Excuse me, sirs. Um, I wanted to inform you That I'll be joining your ranks soon, And, um, I can already Do pushups. Really, boot? Yes, sir. Why don't you give us Right now? Yes, sir! Count'em off. , Coffee, please. Thank you. , I like this kid. Louder, son! Star Radio Northallerton Hey, taxi, Young squire? Um, yeah. Anybody Calls for me, I'll be at chasen's With suzanne pleshette.

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