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Saturday, July 6, 2013

STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely

STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely, STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely Listen Online, STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely Live, Adult Contemporary Radio, UK

STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely

STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely california. Here we come. You know, faye's Not feeling very good. I wanna know when we'll get Into a recording studio. First things first, Fellas. You have to go off And pay homage To Mr. Sol siler. He's the founder and chairman Of playtone records. What hotel are We staying at? It's the place Lucy and ricky stayed When they came out With fred and ethel. And then we go Into the studio? Exactly. 'Cause the point Of all this Is to make More records. What would you fellas Think about Making an appearance in A major motion picture? Whoahoho! What movie? Then, something Very grand on the horizon, If I have worked The phones correctly The hollywood Televisión showcase. Hmm? we are gonna Be on tv. Man! Then after that, Sometime, Discmaster studios On sunset We cut another record. Any questions, Don't ask. I'm tired Of talking to you, STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely And I want to sleep. Online Radio, give me That paper. Give me the paper. Online Radio, why don't you Go and see if you can Visit the cockpit? Tell them it's your birthday. Go, go, go. Hey, rose. Hi, lamarr. I don't have any cash. Well, then charge it To your room, cherie. . Excuse me. Ooh. And I'll send you up Some soup, too. Oh, thank you. My name is lamarr, And this is my hotel, And we take care Of people here. I'm faye. Didn't I check you In with a quartet of gentlemen? And why aren't they here to take care Of your needs? They're off making A major motion picture. Oh, we got movie stars In my hotel. They're musicians, Actually. Even better. Whoo! rick! Anita! The music stopped. Yeah. Keep playing. All right, anita, I get the message. It's about time You noticed, rick. Thanks, goofball. Sure thing, Anita sweetheart. keep dancing, goofball. Now look out At the ocean. Say the line. We're being Invaded! Run out of The shot! Playback! STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely Cut! Print it! Excellent! Hey, guys, Boots randolph! Yeah! We look like a bunch Of chimpanzees. No. We look like A rock'n' roll band Playing A rock'n' roll song During weekend at party pier. We're not the wonders Right now. We're cap'n geech and The shrimp shack shooters. Hey, good news, Fellas. You get to keep Your wardrobe. Ha ha ha! Hey, do we have A top record? You sure do. Then we shouldn't Be here. Would you rather be back On that state fair tour? They're playing North dakota this week. No, no, no. I vote for weekend at party pier. Smart man. You should have told us about this Rick and anita movie. So mark that date Saturday and sunday, August th and st, Pacific car showroom. Just look for the kmpc Hit caravan and me. I'll be out there Signing autographs. If you want a picture of me In my official dodge boys Rally team windbreaker, Well, then i Just might oblige. But hey! İ got some exciting guests On my show today. Makers of a hit record, Visitors from the east Oops! Hold on, giris. Not those moptops. Ha ha ha. No, I'm talking About america's own Wonderful wonders! Say hello, fellas! Hi! Hi! And here's their hit A big l.a. Fave rave at minutes Past : in the morning On kmpc los ángeles! Thanks, guys. Just leave the headphones in there. That thing you do Breaking my heart let me ask You cats this question: Who were your influences? Which artists Popped your cherry? The chantrellines. The chantrellines. Dion and the belmonts. Cap'n geech and The shrimp shack shooters. Uh stan getz Anything he did on The verve label Bill evans trío, Ira sullivan, Kenny durham, John young Del paxton. STAR Radio - Cambridge and Ely Yeah. Time to blow.

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