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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Star Radio Darlington

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Star Radio Darlington

Star Radio Darlington He's amazing. Now, what about Guy there? Does anybody at home Think he's amazing? Well, he had a girlfriend Back in erie. Um, Online Music. I met her A couple of times. She fell in love With her dentist. Now, that's too bad. Yeah. Let's try maybe these. Thinner frames. Ok. Take those off. Put these on. Ok, look at me, guy. Look at me. These are hip? No. Something else. Try these on. Hide your cards. Sit down. Watch these guys. They're musicians. They cheat. So, we're gonna play The , Star Radio Darlington Your worid goes on But for me, My worid is over Don't know where I'm gonna go now But I got to move on Somehow Star Radio Darlington, whoa It hurts me so badly, Deep down inside When I think about All of your lies Oh Your worid goes on But for me, My worid is over You fellas look Great in gold. Have I told you That? You straight on Those harmonies now? Check. Now, you boys have fun. I think this is loose. What is this? That was Radios dane. There she is. Radios dane. Look at that dress, huh? That's a That's a gold dress, Like a wisconsin sunrise. Get out of my way. This next group Excellent. You've all been Waiting for Here they are Playing that thing that's Racing up the charts Look out, wisconsin, It's the wonders! 'Cause we Would be happy, Can't you see? If you'd only let me Be the one to hold you And keep you here With me 'Cause it hurts me so Just to see you go Star Radio Darlington Around with someone new And if I know you, You're doin' that thing Every day, Just doin' that thing And I can't take you Doin' that thing you do Why do we have To stand on stage With those other acts at the end Of the show? Because we're members of the playtone Galaxy of stars. Did you see The cast of bonanza Signing autographs This afternoon? I shook hoss' hand. He had his gun on and everything. Next weekend: The beverly hillbillies. Ah, miss elly may. Miss elly may go skinnydippin' In the ceement pond. Elly may. I love her. Inside, inside. Come on. Change of plans. We are leaving here Just as soon as possible. That thing you do Is the fastestrising single In the history of The playtone label. As of tomorrow morning, You wonders You've got the number record In the country. Aah! Oh, my god! Ohh! Ha ha ha! Watch the shelf. Look, state fairs Are small potatoes. We are on a plane, Flying to the coast As long as we make The airport on time. To california? Disneyland? That's right. California. number this week. Number next week. If we become Number one, Does that mean We get a gold record? , copies For a gold. Heyyyyy! Put your glasses On, shades. Give'em What they want. Ha ha! Shades. The horses Are coming. Where's the limo? All right, men, Let's go! Ha ha! Cool! No, wait. I'm with them.Online Radio! Ladies, climb on top Of the car with us! Hey, hold it! She's with us! Well, I like wisconsin. Come on! Star Radio Darlington Hey, fancy Meeting you here. That does not Sound good. You feeling ok? No. No? It's cold in here, Isn't it? No, you've Got a fever. You're warm. Here, lie down. Just gotta Bundle you up. Skitch, band meeting With herr playtone. Ok. There you are. Now, sleep. No talking. We're winging our way To the coast.

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