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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Star Radio North East

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Star Radio North East

Star Radio North East Hey, Radio, is there Any place around here With really good jazz? Oh, you want good jazz? Good jazz? Let me ask you A question. Who played coronet Forjacques st. internet Radio on vital stats? Scotty mcdonald. Get in the cab. Get in the cab! Take this young man To the blue spot. Oh, good jazz. They're fine! Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah! Yeah. I left vancouver For tacoma, Tacoma for portland Oh, I got married In portland. Yeah. Oh, and then I left portland For reno, And then I got Divorced in reno. Then wised up and faced The inevitable. You know, I moved to l.a. Is the trío Going on again? I don't know. Looks like they're Kind of busy Doing the cock'n' bull With del there. Del? Yeah, del paxton. One of the regulars. Roving hands, But good cock'n' bull. Del paxton. Mmhmm. Del paxton's Sitting over there? Yeah. Star Radio North East, ha ha ha! Oh, gabby? He owes me money, man. Oh oh, Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Del paxton Is sitting over there. Oh, heh heh heh. I just lost you, Didn't I? You wanna meet him? What? No no. Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ain't that the truth. That's gabby. Marguerite, What you got here? You may not Believe this, del, But this kid has Heard of you. That right? Well, sit down. Buy me a drink. Del paxton. Who are you? I'm guy patterson. I'm from erie, pennsylvania. I'm in a band Called the wonders, And we'rewe Just cut a record, And we're out here On the coast, And I play The drums, And I have All your records. Well, not all of them, But a lot of them. At least I did until Some of them got swiped When I was stationed In germany, And you were Playing in germany At the time I was Stationed there. But, you know what? I couldn't see you Because you were Playing in hamburg And I was stationed In munich. But I listen To your records, And I think You're great. You are My biggest fan. Heh heh. Thanks. I'll have another Hennessey. A hennessey for Del paxton. Star Radio North East All right. Ain't no way to keep A band together. Bands come and go. You got to keep on playin', No matter with who. You guys any good? Yeah. Yeah, man, we got Online Radio and Online Radio And me and faye We got something Snappy. Really think we do. I'm sure you do, But sooner or later, Something makes you crazy: Money, women, the road. Hell, man,just time. Well, we've only been Together for months. Some bands I been with, That's months too long. Last call, lovers. I'm gone. You keep on playin' And watch your money. You'll land On your feet. Thanks for Your hospitality. Thank you, Del paxton. Nice young man, Huh, marguerite? Oh very nice Young man, del. Good night. Night, marguerite. Thank you, del! Just look at you. You're no good To me now. Lamarr: Taxi! Over here! good morning, guy. We have a crisis here. Your bass player Has disappeared, And you are still in bed! Just calling to tell you To get your patootie down To the televisión studio! You're gonna be On tv tonight! Excuse me! Excuse me! Hiya! Where's Online Radio? Gettin' me a soda. Where's Online Radio? He the guy throwin' up In the bathroom? Star Radio North East Holy cow! What's Wrong with you? Hey, guy, I think I think faye Gave me something. We're on tv In a few hours.

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