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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Starpoint Radio

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Starpoint Radio

Starpoint Radio I know! Hey, guy, What do you think of her? She was A playboy bunny! Took me up to Her apartment last night, Way up with The coyotes, Where I did me Some howling. Where's Our bass player? Isn't he here? No. I gotta call The hotel. How far a drive Is it to las vegas? 'Cause I'm driving There tonight, Through the desert With the top down. I'm in love, skitch! internet Radio' stars in my head. Upchucking, internet Radio? Are you nervous about tonight's Big live broadcast? Huh? Huhhhhhh? No. I've left messages! Where the hell is he? Aaaah! Whooo! Yeah! Yeah! I don't know Where he is, But he was joining the marines In august anyway. This was gonna happen sooner or later. Guy, say hello to wolfman, Mr. Scott pell. How you doing? Replacement? Yes. Who's he Played with? The techniques Uh, roy maxwell And the corsairs. Ha ha Really? He's your New bass player. Mr. White, No offense I we've been together For a while. There aren't a lot Of options here, guy. Starpoint Radio Can he handle Our tune? I think I can Handle it,junior. Ok. All right. Mr. White Faye's not gonna Miss this, is she? Oh, no. She'll be here. I've taken care Of her. from the brandnew City of broadcasting In santa monica, California, It's the hollywood televisión showcase! It's starting! It's starting! It's starting! Get in here! Oh, look, look! It's starting! It's not : yet. Canadian funnymen, Fletcher and o'shaughnessey! Astronaut Virgil "gus" grissom! Paul pope's Primitive primates! Teen sensations The wonders! Aaaaaah! Aaah! Oh, god, I'm scared! Give me The remote control. Give me The remote control. Hey, Mr. P, Do you think guy Got to meet Gus grissom? Starpoint Radio Oh, man, wouldn't That be something If he met Gus grissom? That's a good picture There now. Look at that. nylon, And acrylon fibers. And now, here's the star Of this week's showcase Troy chesterfield! Thank you! All right now, Everybody settle down. He won't be on for Another halfhour. They got a bunch of other acts That come on before. Yeah. Last week, They had this elephant Oh, playing The harmonica! But seriously, gus What is it like flying up there In outer space In thewhat is it The gemini? That's right, troy. It'll be called the gemini. See, I guess I'd Have to say That flying In outer space Is a lot like your working With gina lollobrigida In your Latest movie It's out of This worid. Here's a question I have Going back To one. How's the food? Go one! It's pretty good, Troy. Nasa's working on New zerog food all the time. Take ! Like what? Well,just last week, I sampled a compressed Turkey product, Processed succotash, And a packet of concentrated Starpoint Radio juice Oh that's gotta hurt. teen sensations The wonders to the stage, please. Boys, we go. Teen sensations the wonders To the stage. You look fabulous In the black suits Hifabulous in The black suits. I can just imagine Guy backstage right now, Just waiting to go on. You think they'll show A shot of him backstage, dear, Waiting to go on? No, honey, they won't show Him backstage. They'll show him When he comes out to perform. I wonder how many people Are watching this. Starpoint Radio How many people saw the beatles On the ed sullivan show? Excuse me.

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