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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stomp Radio

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Stomp Radio

Is that where the wonders come out? Yeah, right there. Hey, skitch How did we Get here? I led you here, Sir For I am spartacus. we're coming back! Stomp Radio And now For you kids, The latest Rock'n' roll group To challenge the beatles To a haircombing contest That's just What we all need The new teen sensations, The wonders! You You're doin' that thing You do Breakin' my heart Ready on There, ray. 's on line Go. Ready ! always do And you There he is! Just look at him! Ha ha ha ha! even knew About the heartache I been goin' through Well, I've tried and tried To forget you, girl But it's just So hard to do Every time you do That thing you do I Ready ! We don't have To hurry this. Things you play Slow move in. There's not a big hurry here. Not a big hurry. Nice and easy. Stomp Radio That's a pretty shot. That a baby! That a baby! 'Cause we Could be happy, Can't you see? And knowin' that we Quiet down! I'm trying to hear it! Ahh ahh To keep me here With you Well, I've tried and tried To forget you, girl But it's just So hard to do Dooooh Every time you do That thing you do I don't ask around, Girl I don't Ask around Supers coming up. It's time for america To meet the wonders. Let's make'em Look good. Haven't got, girl And I just can't Take it anymore And go! Leo, there's A goodlooking kid. And go! Too scary. Go! Shades, that a baby. And go!Online Radio. Careful, giris, he's engaged. Congratulations, Online Radio. Hold it Could be happy, Can't you see? If you'd only let me Be the one to hold you And keep you Here with me 'Cause it hurts me so Just to see you go Around with Someone new Newooh And if I know you You're doin' That thing Every day, Just doin' that thing I can't take you Doin' that thing you do Stomp Radio I'm doin' that thing For you, babe I'm lovin' I'm lovin' That thing you do Oh, that's Hilarious! Oh, thank you. Whoo hoo hoo! So, it just Appeared Like magic For the whole worid To see. I didn't Say anything. I was just as Surprised as you. "Careful, giris, He's engaged." Am I supposed to buy you Some diamond ring now? You're ruining this Beautiful moment. Where'd you get the idea That we're engaged? We're not! That's the last thing I need in the worid. we were great! What, Are you kidding? you're kidding. You kidder. Hey, man, you have a couple Of hundred bucks? I need some extra scratch For the craps tables. No. No? Come on! Just a little bit. This is my first trip To vegas. Try guy. He's a sucker. Well, that was Very nice. Whitey, can you spot me Some blackjack cash? That would be Against my policy. Mr. White, It isn't true. Oh ho Ho ho! Guy, can I borrow Some money? bucks. How much you want? Hah. Chump change. Good lord, faye, You look gorgeous. Now, next up For you kids You get to make Another record. Can I say Something? Hey, the fair faye Wishes to address us all, So it's Online Radio From now on, You stay away from me. I have wasted thousands Stomp Radio And thousands of kisses on you. Kisses that I thought Were special because Of your lips and your smile And all your Color and life. I used to think that was the real you When you smiled.

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