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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunrise Radio

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Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio Yeah, hang on, man! We'll get you out of there in a minute. Hey, looks pretty good here, man. Hey, back up to the fence, so they don't see you. OK. Close enough? Yeah, that's good, man. OK. Hey, here's the keys, man. Get them out. Hey, what key is it, man? It's the one with that little red thing on top, man. This one here? Yeah, that one. OK. Hey, hang on, you guys! I'll get you out right now. Oh, wow. What's the matter, man? Hey, man. You'll never guess what happened. You broke the key off in the lock? How did you know, man? Hey, did you really, man? Yeah, man. I must have turned it the wrong way or something, because it broke right off in the lock, man. How are we gonna get those guys out of the trunk now, man? Have you got a crowbar or something? Yeah. Well, give it to me, man. I'll get them out that way. I'll pry the trunk open. Sunrise Radio it's in the trunk, man. Well, how are we gonna get it? Well, I don't know, man. Listen Music. Hey, man, why don't you go over to that car and ask that guy if he has a crowbar or something? Oh, OK. Hey. Hey. Roll down your window, man. Hey, have you got a crowbar or something we could borrow, man? We locked Mmmm. Oh, wow, man. I thought you were alone. Ooh. Hey, man. I didn't mean to interrupt anything. On, wow. Oh, wow, man. Hey, sorry to bother you, man, but Hey, we locked some dudes in the trunk, man, and we can't get the trunk open. And I was wondering could we borrow a rod? I mean, a crowbar or something? To pry it open with, a screwdriver? Oh. OK, man. Well, hey, listen, I'm sorry I bugged you, you know. Go ahead. Continue, man. You know. Hey, man. Did you get something? Yeah, but I don't think we'll be able to open up the trunk with it, man. Hey, man. We've got to get these guys out of the back, man. Sunrise Radio Hey, why don't you go to the snack bar and see if they'll lend you something, OK, man? OK, man. I'll be right back. Yeah, well, hurry up, man. Those guys have been in that trunk a long time, man. All right. Hey, hang on, you guys. I'll be right back, man. Hey, hurry up. Ooh, I should have gone with him, man. I've got to go to the bathroom. Well, there's nobody around here. I'll just go by the back of the car. Hey, what are you doing up there? Hey, man. It's raining out here, you guys! You ought to see it. It's coming down like cats and dogs, man. Oh, it's a cloud burst. Now get us out of here! Hey, that guy's gonna be back pretty soon, man. Take it easy, you guys. Boy, that feels good, man. My back teeth were floating. Might as well watch the rest of the movie, man. Looks like a good one. Hope the speaker reaches. Ooh, excuse me. Sunrise Radio What am I saying excuse me for? Ain't nobody here. Ooh, good thing. Oh, my eyes are burning. Golly, them Rosarita refried's, man. I've got to stop eating them. Ladies and Gentlemen. That is our show for the evening. Thank you for coming. Please leave at the exit, and don't forget the speakers. Thank you. Hey, open the door, man. Come on. Open the door. I've got my hands full. Hey, man, where you been, man? Open the, never mind. Open the door. I'm dropping it, man. OK, man. Here. Take the Coke. And don't spill it, man. I spilled half of it on the way here.

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