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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sub FM

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Sub FM

Hey, internet Radio, you guys! Sub FM man! internet Radio! Here comes the dude! Hey, man. Be quiet. Here he comes. Hi! How many tonight? Oh, how many tickets? Well, there's just me and him. We're just here together, and, I mean, like we're not together, you know, like that way Like, I mean, we're like, we're gonna meet some girls inside, man. You know, like pick them up, you know. So I guess there's just me and him, like So one for him and one for me. Well, that's two. We'll take two tickets. Ain't that right, man? What's the hassle, man? There's no hassle, man. Just Hey, are you giving us a hassle, man? He ain't giving us no hassle. There's no only two of us! That's all. Yeah, that's right. There's only two of us. That will be one dollar. Oh, a dollar. Hey, man. You got fifty cents? There you go. Thank you, man. Hey, we did it, man. Man, we were so slick, man. Hey, you're really a smooth talker, man. Man, you've just got to know how to lay it on them dudes, man. Hey, you're Mr. Cool when you want to be, aren't you? Old cucumber head, they call me, man. Hey, come on. Let's get up by the snack bar. OK. I don't know, man. Looks pretty fulled up over there, man. Oh, we'll get one. Come on. Hey, look. There's one right over there. See it? Yeah, I see it. OK. Come on. Let's get it. There. How's that? Oh, hey. Just a minute, man. There's one right ahead of us. It's closer. Come on. Let's get that one. Where? Right there, man. Come on. Hurry up! Oh, OK. There. How's that one? Wow, this is great, man. OK. Wow! Hey, man! Right beside the snack bar, man! What? There's a place right beside the snack bar, man. See it? Sub FM Well, come on. Let's get it before that other dude gets it, man. All right. All right. Here we go. There. How's that? Oh, wow. Sub FM Man, you drive just like Online Radio. Yeah. Hey, this is great, man. Hey, can you see? No, I think I better back up a little bit, man. There. How's that for you? Can you see? Just a minute. No. Back up a little more. More? Yeah. How's that? Just a minute. Now back up a little more, man. More? Just a little more. How's that? Uh Just a minute. I'll put the seat back. OK, pull it up, man. Pull it up? Yeah. OK. How's that? A little more. More? How's that? Yeah, just a little more, man. More? Yeah. Hey, we're almost into the next space, man. Oh, hold it. Hold it. Right. No. Back up now. Honestly. How's that? OK. Right there. Hold it! Hold it! Stop! Stop! All right. All right. I'll stop. OK. That's good. OK. Here, I'll get the speaker, man. Hey, man. Wait a minute. What? Hey, man. You hear that? Hear what? That knocking, man. Listen. Why don't you turn your motor off, man? It is off, man. Listen. Oh, it's probably those dudes in the trunk, man! Oh, man. I forgot about them dudes, man. Hey, here. Give me the keys, man. I'll get them out. Hey. Wait a minute, man. We can't let them out here. Man, we're too close to the snack bar. Oh, that's right. Hey, well, then pull around to the back row, man. Yeah, that's what we'll do. Sub FM Go around to the back. Hey, you guys! Wait a minute, man! We're gonna pull around to the back, cause we're right here next to the snack bar, and they'll see us take you out, OK?

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