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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Swansea Sound - 1170 AM Swansea

Swansea Sound - 1170 AM Swansea, Swansea Sound - 1170 AM Swansea Listen Online, Live, Adult Contemporary, Oldies, Varied, UK

Swansea Sound - 1170 AM Swansea

I speak their lingo. Mademoiselle! Hey, bonjour! Parlez vous a humma humma? She's getting away. Let's go get her. OK. Let's go. I got her! Hey! Hey, Live Radio! Hey, Live Radio! It's me! Hey, Live Radio! Get off! Hey, Live Radio! Watch out for my eye! Live Radio! Hey, knock it off! What's wrong with you? Hey, what are you doing? Are you crazy or something? Hey, where's Swansea Sound - 1170 AM Swansea? She left a half hour ago. Yeah. I thought something felt funny. Hey, well, let's go get her. No, just a minute. I've got to drop a stool. Drop a what? I've got to go pinch a loaf. Pinch a loaf? I've got to make a doodoo, all right? Oh, well, hurry up. Come on. Hey, Web Radio Here it comes. Oh, wow. It's gonna be a big one, too! Will you get a load of that? Come here, Web Radio! Take a look at this! Boy, laying on its side, it kind of looks like a sculpture. Did I do that? Boy, Web Radio! That's beautiful! It's really neat, eh? Boy, you're a regular Rembrandt, you know? I love the way you used the corn in there for texture, Web Radio Boy, that Hey, man. Where have you been all day? Man, I had trouble getting you on the phone, man. On the phone? Yeah. I don't even have a phone. Well, that's probably why I had trouble getting you then, man. Hey, what you doing, man? Just watching TV, man. Watching TV? What are you watching, man? I don't know. It's a movie about Indians, but it's really boring, man. Hey, man. That's not a movie, man. That's a test pattern, man. Oh, far out! Hey, well, let me change it, man. Hey, there's a good war movie on six, man. It's a horror movie, man! A horror movie? They are killing the girl tonight, old man. Oh, no. Did you hear that, old man? They are killing the girl tonight. Hey, let's get loaded. You can save her. Just sign these papers, old man. I cannot sign the papers. You cannot sign the papers, old man? Old man, look at me. Now, sign the papers, old man. I cannot sign the papers. Now, old man, sign the papers. I cannot sign the papers. Sign the papers, old man! Wow, man. Swansea Sound - 1170 AM Swansea That guy's really taking a punch. Now, old man, you are making me lose my temper. Calm down, old man. Just calm down. Oh Would you like a cigarette, old man? How about this one? Oh, he stuck it in his eye, man! Old man, you need some water! No! He's drowning him. Sign the papers. Oh, what do the papers say? They are merely a statement saying that you have not been mistreated while you have been here. I cannot sign the papers. And why cannot you sign the papers? Because you have broken both of my hands. Oh, wow, man. Is that movie a bummer, man. Hey, let's find something else, man. I think I Love Lucy is on. Hi there, friends. Lost your job? Wife just left you? Has your daughter run off with a rock musician? Are you tired of war, smog, and inflation? Yeah. Ls life just one big bummer, and you feel like ending it all? Well, the Empire Swansea Sound - 1170 AM Swansea Building might be just the place you've been looking for. Conveniently located in the heart of the business district, the Empire Hancock Building stretches stories straight up in the air to insure it's no miss policy.

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