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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Takeover Radio Children's

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Takeover Radio Children's

Takeover Radio Children's Six diving boards means there is never any wait at the Empire Hancock Building, and of course, plenty of free parking with validation. The easy on the pocketbook ten dollar service charge includes your last meal at our revolving restaurant at the top of the tower. Last minute counseling by a clergyman of your faith, and, as an extra added bonus, splatter proof plastic bags with your initials on them for easy identification. That's a good idea. So don't delay. Take that big jump today at the Empire Hancock Building. And now it's time for America's favorite daytime fun show, Let's Make a Dope Deal. Yes, Let's Make a Dope Deal Oh, far out. Where young pushers try to parlay their stash Hey, let's watch this one. All right? Into that really big connection and jump up into dealerhood. OK, it's a good one. And our first contestant today on Let's Make a Dope Deal, is former head of the philosophy department at Harvard University. He is the holder of a PhD, an MA, a Takeover Radio Children's, and is a BMF besides. Would you please give a big, warm welcome for Bob Bitchin! Come on! Let's have a hand for Bob Bitchin. Here he is, all the way from Harvard. Bob Bitchin. Hey, how do you get on this show, man? How are you doing? Online Radio. Online Radio. Well, isn't that far out and solid and right on, Radio Tell us, Radio Here's the question I ask of all our contestants. What made you drop out? A lot of people think it was the acid trips I took, you know. Uhhuh. But what was it really, Bob? One day I played Black Sabbath at speed, man. And then what happened? I saw God. I've done that, man! You saw God. Yeah? Yeah, with Grand Funk. Tell us, Bob, what have you been doing with all those degrees? I noticed you had a PhD, an MA, and a BA. What have you been doing with all that knowledge? Making candles, man. Making candles. Well, that sounds creative, Radio What kind of candles are they? Oh, they're really neat table candles, you know. Table candles? Yeah, you pour wax on a table. Uhhuh. And you set it on fire, man. Well, that sounds like a hot item, Radio OK, you ready to play our game? Yeah. OK. Here we go. Now, you know the rules. You get fronted with a stash of keys. And you can wager part of them or just some of them on any one of our tests. Fifty keys? Fifty keys. Can I quit now? No, not yet, Radio You have to play our game. OK, Radio How many do you want to wager on the first test? All of them. All of them. He's gonna shoot the works. Go for it, man. Or mainline as we call it here on Let's Make a Takeover Radio Children's. OK, Radio For keys, what is your name? You have sixty seconds. Hey, I know that one, man. Starts with a B. Oh, then what is it, man? I knew it when I came in here, man. Ends with a B. Oh, don't tell me. Happy birthday. Ten seconds, Radio Radio Wow, Radio Radio And you win fifty keys. I knew it! Boy, the tensions mount here on Let's Make a Dope Deal. Hey, how do you get on it? Oh, boy, Radio I can do that. Almost. Yeah. OK, here we go. For the second plateau, how many keys do you want to wager this time? All of them. All of them! He's gonna shoot the works again. What balls he has. OK, here we go, Radio For another hundred keys.

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