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Friday, July 12, 2013

TD1 Radio

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TD1 Radio

TD1 Radio boys play with the toys J' Smoking it every day They control the beat The beats on the street Who is it? Open up in there. It's the city police! There's nobody home. Open up! It's the police! Police? Police? Where's the dope? Where's the dope? One lid or two lids? One lid or two lids? One It was three lids. Acid. Come on, where's, where's the psilocybin? There was four lids. Here it is! Crap. Where's the grass? One, two. Three. The fourth one. There were five lids Five. Come on! Come on. Out of the pocket! Grass All right. Here I come. April Fools! Hey, man. What's happening? Hey, did I sound like a cop? Hey, wow, man. What happened to your place, man? It looks like What a mess. Hey, listen, man. The only reason I came over is, can you sell me a couple of lids? What's the matter, man? All right, men. Move in, move in here. Captain would like a word with you. All right, men. Listen up now. Now men, we need some volunteers. Anybody want to volunteer? Forget you, man. TD1 Radio how about you? Ask Rodriguez. Oh, hey, man. I'd like to help you, captain, man, but I got to I got to reprimer the Jeep! That's it, man. I got to reprimer the Jeep. Hey, I'll help you mañana, OK, man? All right, Rodriguez. How about Brown? How about you, Brown? You can kiss my ass, you honky. All right. Now hold it right there, Brown. Come on, man! Now discipline's getting pretty lax around here. Now I remember last week when I asked you for volunteers to go weed out that Online Radio patch, I got damn near got stampeded. Talking about them, where in the hell are they? They've been gone a week now. They're still out on patrol, sir. Well, get them on the horn. Here. Give me that. Online Radio to Music Clark's dogs. Online Radio to Music TD1 Radio dogs. Can you read me? Hey, man. The phone's ringing, man. Oh. Wow, man. I thought that was in the record. Hey, we better answer it, man. All right. Turn that thing down for a minute, man. Online Radio to Music Clark's dog. Can you read me? Oh, wow, man. It's somebody talking pretty bad about Music. Oh, wow, man. Hey, tell him Music ain't here, man. Music ain't here! No, goddamn it! This is the captain speaking! Who? The captain. Captain ain't here either. No. I'm the captain! Have you found that Online Radio patch yet? Yeah, man. We found it. Well, have you sustained any casualties? As a matter of fact, man, the whole platoon's wiped out. All right, man, I'm gonna send some reinforcements there. Oh, hey, man. Tell them to bring their own water pipe, man. You need anything else? Yeah, man. I'd sure dig a pepperoni pizza. All right. Online Radio to Music TD1 Radio. and out. All right now, men. We need some volunteers to go help A company. We got any I'll go, sir! I'll go, sir! Sir, Buster here. I'll go, I'll go! All rise. Court is now in session. Face the flag. Your country recognizes the principles for which it stands. Sit down. Municipal court number is now in session. Honorable Gladys Dykes presiding. Good morning. Bailiff, you may call the first case of the day. State vs. Online Radio. State vs. Online Radio.

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