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Friday, July 12, 2013

TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth

TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth, TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth Live, Contemporary Radio, UK

TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth

TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth Where are the bullets, I'm asking myself. Where else? Up his nose! So we get the kid out of the bed. Sure enough, the bullets are in his nose. How are we gonna get them out? They're stuck in there, we can't get the bullets out. We give him whole TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth, spin him on his head, shake him up and down. Nothing but foam all over. So doctor, I'm coming to you and I'm begging, I'm pleading. Please get the bullets out of his nose, please. Well, I'll see what I can do. Come here, son. Come here. Come on. Up here. There we go. Well, let me see. Nurse, hand me those pliers. Thank you. They are wedged in here pretty tight, aren't they? Well, let me see. Hand me that hammer. Thank you, nurse. Doctor! You did it! Everything's out of his nose, doctor! Thank you! And listen, doctor. Keep the change. No stems, no seeds that you don't need Acapulco Gold is Bad ass weed Cut. How did that sound to you? Hey, man. That was far out, man. We've got a cut, man. Yeah, that sounded pretty good to me. I think we can wrap it up. Hey, no, man. No, I want to do it again, man. Again? Yeah, man. Like I had a thing to do, you know, where you talk, when the cat talks, I want to I've got a thing to say, man. I was gonna say it, but I forgot it, man. You want to do it again? Yeah, man. Let's do it again. OK. All right. Hold it. Give me a joint, man. Give me another joint. Here. Far out, man. OK. We'll get it right this time, man. All right. Let's try it again. OK. You ready? Yeah. TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth Acapulco Gold filters, take . Now this some bad weed. Hi there, folks. Smoking more now but getting high less? Try new Acapulco Gold Filters, regular and menthol. Acapulco Gold, just a stony three hits longer. And be sure to save the groovy coupons on the back. How do you think I got this out of sight hash pipe? But don't just take my word for it. Listen to what Ashley Roach Clip of the Jefferson Hair Pie has to say. Hey, that's right, man. You know, really, man. The cat's really telling you where it's at, man. Oh, man. I'm gonna tell you every time I lay some of this gold on my friends, man, they light it up, man. And they just take one toke, man, and they look at me, and say, "Roach, this weed's a motherfucker man". Oh, now, you can't say that in there. You know that's not, that's not right. Hey, man. What did you want now? Good grammar or good taste? All right. Listen, we'll go, we'll just, we'll keep going. Remember folks, it's Acapulco Gold, a herb superb, long in the leaf and short in the can. No stems, no seeds that you don't need Acapulco Gold is Bad ass weed a' Cut. Listen, we can bleep out that other part. I think it'll be OK. Hey, that was all right, man. Did you like that, man? Yeah, that one, I loved it. It was good. Hey, that was far out, man. That's all right. OK. Good. Let's wrap up. Hey, hang on, man. Hold it now. I mean, I dug it, now. You know, I mean, that was it. I really dug it. That's, you know, that's the one Yeah. But there's a thing, man, TCR FM - 106.8 FM Tamworth I wanted to do with the matches in front, you know? So hey, can we do it again, man? Again? Yeah, man. I want to get this right.

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