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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tameside Radio 103.6FM

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Tameside Radio

Tameside Radio 103.6FM And only my mama loves me, but she could be jiving too. Would you please welcome the most out of sight man in show business, Blind Melon Tameside Radio 103.6FM . Come on! Come on! Come on! Let's get some Bummer, man. Do you want to watch anything? Yeah, hey, turn it back to that Indian movie, man. Oh, hey, man. Let's just turn it off. The reason I was trying to get a hold of you all day, is I got a surprise for you. Hey, what did you get me, man? A bong? No. Look! Oh, wow, man. Hey, that's the biggest joint I've ever seen, man. Hey, well, let's light it up, man. Oh, this isn't real, man. I just filled it full of my old socks and stuff, man. It sure looks real. Yeah, don't it, man? Hey, well, let's light it up anyway, man. You never know. Here. Give it to me. Oh, OK. Hold on, man. No, I'll light it for you. Hey, how is it, man? It's not bad, man. Hey, well, give me a hit then. Online Radio Oh. Mr. Stromberg, is it? Yes, Doctor. Tameside Radio 103.6FM And what seems to be your problem, sir? Doctor, it's not my problem. It's my son, Jamie. He's acting like an animal. Get down off there, Jaime! Get down off the doctor! Here! Come over here! Here. Sit, sit! That's good boy. Here's biscuit. Well, Mr. Stromberg. There is a very good veterinarian down the hall if Listen, listen, doctor. Don't misundertake me. It's not that problem. The problem is his nose. Well, I see that. However, Mr. Stromberg, I'm not a plastic surgeon. No, no, no, no. Just a general doctor. No, doctor. That's not the problem at all again. Listen very carefully. Ever since he was a little boy, everything he's finding around the house, he sticks up his nose. Everything that's laying around the house, up his nose it goes. He started off small. First it was maybe a piece of rice, a bean, a Juju bean. Then he got bigger and bigger. A walnut, a peanut. Then he started on change. First it was a penny, a nickel, a quarter. Half dollar! Silver dollars! He's got Fort Knox up his nose. Listen! Well, that is rather musical. Perhaps you can use him as a maraca. Listen, doctor. Jokes I don't need. What I need is a normal little boy who don't stick every toy I get him up his nose. Trains and boats and planes, he's got up his nose. Everything, it goes up his nose! I can't believe it, doctor. And last week, last week, a whole bagel with lox and cream cheese! I asked him, what? Your toys hungry maybe or something? How about some olives? Oh, doctor, I am going out of my mind, but last night, last night was the topper of all the toppers. I am coming home from work. I work hard. Let me tell you, doctor. I don't mind telling you I work hard, but not for me. For my wife, for my family. Not one thought about me. Everything's for them. I'm coming home. I'm going in the kitchen, maybe have a little glass of tea. And out in the alley I'm hearing a noise. So I'm saying to myself, "What is this noise? Could it be burglar? Yes, it could be burglar. " So I'm getting my gun. Doctor, let me tell you. I don't like to carry gun, but today, you can't go out on the street without the young kids and the shvartzas getting you. So I'm looking at my gun, Tameside Radio 103.6FM and I'm noticing inside my gun are no bullets.

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