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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tameside Autism Radio

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Tameside Autism Radio

Tameside Autism Radio He has been backstage with the band for the last three and a half days getting his head together. So I imagine he must be pretty well together right now. So would you please give a big, warm welcome for Laidback Lenny? Come on! Let's hear it for Laidback Lenny. Here he is. Come on! Let's I would have taken the reds, man. That was the last show, man. No, he took the wrong door, you know. Hey, what's happening? What's this, man? Oh, Laidback Lenny. Hey, the band's not gonna make it tonight, man. The singer just had an accident. He poked himself in the eye with a coke spoon. He can't get his eye closed, man. It's frozen open. I've done that, man. Yeah, I've seen you. We've got the winner of the how many downers you can drop contest. Oh, who is it, man? No, really. Cat's name is Harold Brown. I know him! Oh, you used to be roommates with him? They're gonna bury him? Speaking of contests, we've got last week's dance contest winner here. Come on out here. Hey, but look, it's Juan, man! What's your name, son? Juan Mo'ty, man. He's got my shirt on. Far out. Tell us, Juan. What school do you go to? Richie Va/ens Junior High, man. Where'd he get my shirt, man? Hi, Mr. Murphy! What are you taking in school? Metal shop, man. Yeah, majoring in roach clips. That's great, Juan. And, what grade are you in? Seventh grade, man. How old are you? Thirtysix, man. Thanks a lot, Juan. He's a good dancer, too. You ought to see him do the Mashed Potatoes. We're gonna be back. We've got a soul brother going to introduce the next act, but before we bring him out, we've got a couple of public service announcements. Anybody having contact with Online Radio, go immediately to the free clinic. Ain't that your old lady, man? Not anymore, man. Take it from me. We've got a soul brother here. He's a soul deejay. Comes to us from Soul Station ASOL. Would you please welcome the most right on man in show business, Righton Washington! Right on, right on, right on, right on. Lookey here. This here is Righton Washington. Say we're gonna get down for you all, cause we got more soul. Right on, right on, right on. Tameside Autism Radio Look it here. We've got a heavy, heavy show for tonight. We've got the fabulous Young Hearts, gonna sing the new hit, "Ooh, La, Wee, I Sure Got to Pee". They're gonna That's a good tune, man. Anybody celebrating anything out there tonight? Anybody celebrating anything? Like a job? Nobody got a job? I know times is bad, man. Yesterday I seen a pimp driving a Volkswagen, man. Probably Clarence's brother, man. I said we're gonna get down for you all, because Oh, remember. Tuesday night is hot pants night. Wednesday night is chitlin night, and Thursday night is honky night. Right on, right on. Yeah. Bring yourself a honky, get your ass in free. Hey! Right on. Make the honky pay for it. Look it here. We've got a heavyweight show. We're gonna bring out this man here who is the king of the funk. He is so get down funky, gonna move in next door to you and your lawn is gonna die. You dig? Yeah, got boll weevils crawling all over him, man. He is the man with the hits out. Tameside Autism Radio Happy, happy, black and nappy. Ain't too proud to radio.

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