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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Telugu Vani Radio

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Telugu Vani Radio

Telugu Vani Radio Where do you think you're going? Excuse me, sir. I'm Horrendo Revolver, and these are my cameramen, and we're doing an expose on the recording industry, and we just want to drop into one of the sessions unannounced and see what goes on. Oh. OK. Go ahead. Thank you very much, sir. OK, guys. Let's go. OK, we're gonna just walk into the first session that we see. There's a red light on now. That means a session's in session. OK, guys. Let's hit it. We're going right through that door. This is Telugu Vani Radio Revolver out here on the fire escape, and, there's a magnificent view of the city that we thought, you folks would like to see before we go back in the studios and have a great exposé on the recording industry. OK, folks. We're back inside the hallway now. And as you can hear, there's a session going on behind that door. It sounds very much like one of those English groups. So we're going to go through that door and see what's going on right now. Whoo! Those burritos! Hey, I wouldn't go in there if I was you, man. Excuse me. Could you tell us where is there a session in this studio? Uh studio C, man. It's happening. Yeah. Thanks a lot. Whoo. Let's see. Studio C. Studio C. Oh, there it is, right over there next to Studio A. Come on, guys. Let's go in. Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen. There's a session happening here all right. We're just gonna walk around and talk to some people now. Let's see. That man over there behind the board with the funny hat and the beard looks like the producer. Let's talk to him. Excuse me, sir. I'm Horrendo Revolver, and we're hereto do a Hey, man. Where you dudes been? Man, you've been hanging us up. Well, we've been on the fire escape and in the bathroom. Yeah, well, never mind all that. Now which one's the dinner? Are you the dinner? Yeah, well, listen, here's your part. Sweet soul sounds are stirring my soul. You got that? Wait a minute, sir. I don't think you understand. I'm Horrendo Revolver. I don't understand? Look it, dude. I am the producer. I understand everything. You don't understand. Here's your part, sucker. Now get over there and sing it. Sweet soul sounds are stirring my soul. Well, OK. Sweet soul sounds are stirring my soul. Yeah. That's great, man. Telugu Vani Radio Only let's try it without the slobber this time. Wait a minute, sir. I don't think you understand. I'm Horrendo Revolver from WHIC. Oh, man. You a jock. Oh, I thought you was a background singer, man. Hey, listen. I need more, need more tracks, man. I'm the producer here. Hey, listen, what do you need, man? Anything you want you got, brother. You want some coke? I got some dynamite blow for you. Want a little toot for the snoot? It's good, man. It's pharmaceutical. You'll blow your head off, man. No, no, thank you. Well, what do you want? Some smoke? Hey, I got some dynamite Jamaican flower tops, man. Lester, roll the man a joint. Well, I'm sure flower cups are very pretty, but we're really after here Oh, right, right. I'm sorry, man. I should have started off with that. You want a broad. Right. Hey, you, baby. Yeah, you. Come on over here. Listen. Telugu Vani Radio You heard of Deep Throat? This is her sister, Sore Throat.

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