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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Arrow - London

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The Arrow - London

The Arrow - London be careful with her. She was at a big promotions convention. So she's a little tired, but she's a dynamite broad. Hey, baby. Take care of, take care of What's your name? Horrendo Revolver. Take care of Horace for me, baby. Hey, but listen, man, before you get hung up with the broad, I want you to give a listen to this monster smash, dynamite hit we've been working on, man. This tune is a monster, man. This sucker is so bad, it ought to jump on the charts at number one with the bullet, with your help, of course. You know what I mean. Hey, but listen, man, really, this tune is different. It's it's a cowboy. Man, do you like country and western music? Oh, sure. I think it's super. Well, listen. Give a listen to this. Lester, let's do another take. Hey, baby. Is that a monster smash hit or not? Oh, Mr. Tracks, that was a super smash single. That's just sensational. I really want to thank you for all the help you've given me today. Hey, baby. Don't thank me. Just play my record. Oh, I sure will. I'll play that record all the time. Thanks a lot, The Arrow - London. Hey, thank you, brother. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you have seen what goes on in the recording industry. I don't have to say a thing. It all speaks for itself. I can only say that what's happening in the recording industry only reflects what's happening in society today. This is Horrendo Revolver saying good night for Wake up, America. Wait a minute, sir. I don't think you understand. I'm Horrendo Online Radio OK, you got that, man? I'm in the coffee shop across from the high school. I got the stuff with me. So make sure you bring the cash, man. Hey, man. Hey, man. Can I use the phone, man? You got that, bucks, all right? Hey, man. Let me use the phone. I've got to make an important call. Hey, how are you doing, Pedro? Hey, good. Let me use the phone. Hey, just a minute, man. I'm making a deal, man. Hey, well, come on. Hurry up, man. It's an emergency, man. I've got to make this call. OK then. OK, man. Be here in five minutes, man. Hey, come on, man. Get off the phone. OK, I'm gonna wait five minutes, and then I'm leaving. Come on, man. Get off the phone. OK, you've got it, man. Oh, hey, The Arrow - London thanks a lot, man. I've got to make a call. It's a matter of life and death, man. Hey, Pedro. If I make this deal, man. What? What? Four, three, six, one, seven, seven I'm selling some stuff for bucks, man. What? Oh, yeah, yeah, that's fine. Eight, four, three, six after I pay my lawyer bucks The Arrow - London No. Was it ? I'll have over bucks to myself. No. Eight, four, three, one One hundred bucks to myself, man! That's cool. A hundred bucks. One hundred bucks, man! That's cool. Look. Yes. But I got But the dude has to come up with bucks, or it's no deal. Yeah, that's good. internet Radio for a minute, man. Let me make this call. Eight, four, three, one, oh, bucks. There's no bucks on here. Hey, man, you're messing me up, man. Would you just be quiet for a minute? Will you please? Golly, what is the number again? Let's see. Eight, four, three, six, one, seven, seven. Yeah, just be quiet, man. I've got to make this call, OK? Eight, four, three, six, one, seven, seven.

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