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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9

The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9, The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9 Listen Online, The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9 Live, Pop, UK

The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9

The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9 Joint. Reefer, man. Yes. Reefer. Jane! Yes, but we don't call it that. We have other words for it. Contrary to popular belief, kids Yeah, caca. And let me level with you Put the level over here. This stuff can give you brain damage. What about the other tests? Make no mistake about that. What about the other tests? It can. I know they've had other tests where they say it doesn't harm you, but Sure. Believe me, kids, this stuff is dangerous to fool with. Don't look dangerous to me, man. And remember, only dopes use dope. Now class, are there any questions? Heavy. Far out. Yes, the young fellow in the front row with the orange and purple shirt. Hey, who cuts your hair? Right on. Right on. Class! Class! Now settle down, class. Now, that wasn't very funny. Now, settle down and give Mr. Stadanko your undivided attention. Mr. Stadanko. Thank you, sister. Now, are there any more questions? I've got a question. Yes, you in the vest, is it? Yeah. You have a question, do you? Yeah, man. About the drug? Yeah, yeah, about the drug thing. Hey, man, like I was watching TV the other day, man, and like they said, like if you knew some guy that was pushing, like, the drugs, man, and that you could call a telephone number, and you could get a reward if you turn him in. Is that still on, man? That's a very good question, son. The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9 And I'm glad that you brought it up. I was going to get to that. Yes, boys and girls, there is a program in which you can participate. Now, we are offering a reward for the pusher. Ooh! Now, if there's anybody here has any information about a drug pusher, be it your brother, or maybe your, even your mother and dad, if you give us your name, we will give you a reward for turning in the drug pusher. Hey, man, how much is the reward, man? Well, actually, son, I'm not, I can't disclose the amount. It depends on how much drugs are Sure. Sure are confiscated. Like, would you have to tell the guy's name first, huh? Sit down, ya puke! That's right. Hey, well, I want to turn in Billy, man. Hey, what are you talking about, man? Hey, man, you sold me that Listen Music. Man, wouldn't get a fly high the other day. Hey, I'm gonna cream you, man. Well, come on. You're a stoolie, you puke. Well, come on, man. You sold me that stuff, man. I'm gonna get you, man! That is nothing but oregano, man. The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9 I took it home, I was selling it to my brothers and sisters, man. They wouldn't even get off on it, man. Well, if it's oregano, you beaner, you could use it in your soup! Oh, yeah. Who's a beaner? Come on, man! You're a beaner. You want to ahaaha'? Let's get down, man! I'll meet you outside, man. I don't need to go outside. Come on. Let's go here. Put your money where your mouth is, man. Well, come on, man! Come here, ya puke! Quit runnin'! Get out of there. Class! Quit hiding behind the sister Class! Class! Now you boys stop that fighting! Class, settle down! Class! Mr. Stadanko, help me! It's all right, sister. I'll tell you what. I'll, we'll call the police. Class! My mama talkin' to me tryin' to tell me how to live But I don't listen to her 'cause my head is like a sieve My daddy, he disowned me 'cause I wear my sister's clothes He caught me in the bathroom with a pair of panty hose My basketball coach he done kicked me off the team For wearing high heeled sneakers and acting like a queen The world's coming to an end I don't even care As long as I can have a limo and my orange hair And it don't bother me if people think I'm funny 'Cause I'm a big rock star and I'm making lots of money Money, money, money Money, money, money Ahh! The Bay FM Lancaster 96.9 I'm so bloody rich I own apartment buildings and shopping centers And I only know three chords Way! Ow! Hey, man. Online Radio I've got a thing for Online Radio r Surrounds me like a sauna When I get with you I wanna Tell the world how much I love ya I am a cannabis man Got a joint in each of my hands Mexican or Panama Red This true love will never end Oh, how I love you Online Radio, Online Radio Oh, how I love you Online Radio, Online Radio a'

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