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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Breeze Bath

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The Breeze Bath

"How I Spent My Summer Vacation". Who would like to read theirs before the class? Hey, ask Musicface. He can read it! Class. Class! He learned how to read last week. Class! internet Radio! Thank you. Young man in the first row, stand up. State your name and read your essay. Who me? Who's got a match, man? Yes, read your essay please. I don't have it finished yet, ma'am. Well, then read what you have, young man. Hey, I'll read mine. Man, want to hear mine? The first day. No. My vacation. "What I Did On My Summer Vacation". "The first day of my vacation, I woke up. " You did? "Then I went downtown", to look for a job. " "Then I hung out in front of the drug store. " Is that the one on th? "The second day of my summer vacation. " Boy : Hey, lend me your book, man. "I woke up. " Then I went downtown, "to look for a job. " Hey, teach. I've got to go to the can. "Then I hung out in front of the drug store. " Hey! Hey, teach! "The third day of my summer vacation. " Hey, Elephant! "I woke up. " That's fine, young man. "Then I went downtown to look for a job. " That's fine young man. "Then I got a job. " Young man. "Keeping people from hanging out in front of the drugstore. " Young man. "The fourth day. " internet Radio! Thank you. I've still got to go to the can, man. Now, class, I have a surprise for you. I'm going to read you some poems out of this lovely book of poetry. I've got a surprise for you, man! The sun kisses the morning skies. The birds kiss the butterflies. The dew kisses the morning grass. Class? Class! Wake up! I've got to go to the can, man. Class. Class. Class, come to order please. Class, we are very privileged today to have a very special guest in our room. His name is Mr. Stadanko. And Mr. Stadanko is a narcotics officer. That's better, class. Hey, The Breeze Bath, where are you going? Here. Take these! I've got to go to the can, sister. I'll be right back. You sit down, Billy. Hey, no, no, no. Hey, I've got to go to the can. You sit down, Billy, and whatever you have in your mouth, swallow it immediately. Hey. Thanks a lot, sister. Hey, Billy. Here. The Breeze Bath these too. Now class, I know that all you boys and girls here at Our Lady of th Street are too young to have any dealings with any of these dangerous drugs, but as Saint Dominic always said, Ofeely Me Boni Belly Vamonos for Besco Benny Selling All His Dominoes. Who said that, man? Dominoes. And with that, I want you to give The Breeze Bath your undivided attention. Mr. Stadanko. Thank you very much, Your Grace. And good afternoon, boys and girls. Thank you for inviting me into your classroom today. Get lost. Get lost! Now I have, in front of me, a green, leafy substance, which I am going to light. Now I wonder, could one of you boys and girls guess what this substance might be? Pot? It's pot! Acapulco Gold! No, it's Michoacan, man. Michoacan. Homegrown! No, it's Michoacan, man. I can smell it. That's very good, class. My, sister, they do seem rather wellinformed. They are, Mr. Stadanko. They are! Why just last week I gave out holy cards. Well, that's great, sister. OK, class, as you know, this drug in front of me is what they call Online Radio, or as it's known in the hippie world That's pot, man! Pot. That's right.

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