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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Hillz Radio

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The Hillz Radio

Come on. Answer. Oh, good. It's ringing. M OLD request line. Hold, please. Oh, thank God I got you, man. Hey, listen, I want to make a request, and I want to dedicate it to internet Radio, and also to her sister, Online Radio. OK? Hello? Hi. Also, oh, yeah, and also to, Food Giant, Taco Ernie, Greasy Eddie, Music Face, and Chango. And, and also to my cousin Tavo in Camp The Hillz Radio. Get out soon, and we'll get down and party, man. OK. Thanks for calling MOLD. Oh, wait. Hey, my name's Pedro De Pacas, and the song I want to play is, is called "Click, Clack" by Dickadoo and the Don'ts. OK. Thanks for calling, partner. Hey, right on, man. Goodbye. Oh, boy. That's a load off my mind, man. Hey, The Hillz Radio Yeah? Hey, listen, man. Are you gonna be around here for a while? Yeah, they're gonna play my request on the radio, man. Oh, good. Listen. I've got to make a run, man. So I want you to do me a favor, all right? Oh, sure, man. Listen, here is the bag of stuff, man. Now, when the dude comes, make sure you get bucks cash off him, all right? Oh, sure, man. No problem, man. And make sure it's cash, man. Don't take any checks or anything. Oh, no, no. Just cash. OK? OK. Yeah. Hey, wait, wait a minute. How do I know what the dude looks like? Oh, right. Listen, he's that new dude in school, you know? The one with the funny haircut? Oh, him. Yeah, yeah. I know what he looks like, man. OK, I'll be back in a little while. OK. Well, hurry up, man. Let's see. What was that number now? MOLD one, one, oh, three Excuse me, sir? The Hillz Radio Are you sitting here? Yeah. Is this your property here? Oh. Oh, hey, you're the dude, man. Yeah, the guy says it's a bucks, man. Could I see it please? Yeah, there it is, man. Could you come with us, sir? What? You're under arrest. Huh? And it is my duty to inform you of your rights. Hey, I know my rights, man. This wasn't even my stuff, man. Yeah, well, you have the right to remain silent. However, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Court? Hey, man, I can't go to court. I haven't even heard my request yet. Will you put your hands on the table please? Wait a minute, man. Now, you have the right to the presence of an attorney, and if you can't afford an attorney, an attorney will be appointed for you. Hey, wait, that's not even my stuff, man. And right now we have a special request I was holding it for a friend. You gotta believe me, man! Camp David Gonzalez. It's an old, The Breeze Somerset gold called "Free". Good morning, class. Good morning, class. Class! internet Radio! Thank you. As you know, your regular teacher, Sister Rosetta Stone, is on a small vacation. However, she does send her love and these finger paintings and dust cloths she's making. I am your substitute teacher, Sister Mary Elephant. Class, attention. Attention, class. Class. internet Radio! Thank you. Young man, now give me that knife. Thank you. Hey, I need a Hey! Now, class, you all know who I am, so let's find out who you are. Class, class. internet Radio! Oh, far out, man. Thank you. Hey, come on. Now, class, Sister The Hillz Radio has informed me that your assignment for the last two months has been to write an essay entitled

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