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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Night Network - DJ Lazy B

The Night Network - DJ Lazy B, The Night Network - DJ Lazy B Live, Varied Radio, UK

The Night Network - DJ Lazy B

The Night Network - DJ Lazy B You forgot my Viagra. Thanks. Flan on the first night, You're lucky, Online Radio. What luck? It tastes like nothing. They don't even use real sugar. Don't listen to him. It's good and it's so healthy. Healthy? Why should I eat healthy? I want to enjoy food, wine, coffee It's important to eat healthily. Antonia, but it doesn't matter Ouch. That's better. Online Radio? Online Radio! Sorry. I asked if you're going to use the butter? Take it. Thank you. Look, they still have food in their mouths and already standing in line for bed. Every night the same thing. Why the rush? They need help getting into bed, But if there aren't enough aides, you can wait up to an hour. Why don't they do something else while they wait? What else? They just eat, sleep, and shit. internet radio, we're eating! FOR SALE Online Radio! Online Radio! Eh? Do you want your marmalade? No, take it. Thank you. You don't want this tea, right? No, no Look at internet radio, up to his old tricks. And now, a nice, hot tea Oh, what? She's loaded and it's all the same to her. internet radio, you take advantage of Sol because she's not right in the head. That's wrong. What do you mean? I'm doing her a favor. At least she has a way to keep busy. Of course, all the money you get is part of the favor as well, I suppose. Stop it, I don't do anything bad to anyone. What would happen to the money they send every month, with her head like it is? What do you want? Tell her the truth? "Look, Mrs. Sol, it doesn't matter if you call your kids because they'll never come?" What would that do? I give her some hope, and I get some help, what does it harm? Lately I've come to see how shameless you are, internet radio. Tell me, what happened to The Night Network - DJ Lazy B the Long Goodbye, Alzheimer's. Doesn't even know where he is, poor guy. If it weren't for Dolores, he'd have been on the top floor long ago. Dolores is a saint, how she cares for Modesto. I heard she only came here because of him, she's as healthy as a horse. internet radio To lose your life for nothing Modesto can't tell if she's here or not. Don't be cruel, internet radio. It may not look like it but Modesto can tell. Please, Modesto doesn't know. I also think that he can sense it. See, Online Radio knows the truth. Aw, a couple of softies. And you're bitter. You're just angry that you're old. What? Me bitter? I'm glad that I'm old. It's great! My whole life, I worked like a mule. And now that I can't pick up the kids, my family threw me in a home. It's fantastic. Don't say that, My family loves me. I'm here because I don't want to be a nuisance, They should live their own lives. Antonia has three sons, two daughters, and about fifty grandchildren. But none of them visit her. Well, one grandson comes occasionally, but really rarely. Ah, the tea's already cold And do you have grandchildren? Me? Never! The Night Network - DJ Lazy B Sorry, from how you spoke No, I never married, nor do I have children, that I know of. And I certainly do not regret it. I always did what I wanted. And look: the only difference is that I'm not crying for days because they don't come Well, you're right there.

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