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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Mix Radio

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The Mix Radio

The Mix Radio The pool is only here to impress clients Clients? Whoever pays your kids, government, They're the clients. Not us. The pool is there so when they visit, they think you're in a star hotel. What can anyone here do with a pool? Most can't even shower without help. I've always liked to swim. When I was younger, I often swam in the sea. And when I worked at the bank, I went to the pool at least once a week. Actually, now I really miss it. So, ask for the key to the pool. Maybe they'll let you swim. One day, I'll ask for the key. If you need anything, tell me. I can get you anything, even a swimsuit. Do you know where there's a phone? Hello, Mrs. Sol. I have to call my children. They left me here, but I'm fine. They have to come pick me up. Where's the phone? At reception, Mrs. Sol. And they'll let me call? Of course they'll let you. Pay me and then you can call later. Okay. See, they have to pick me up, I'm healthy. Is it enough? Yes, of course. Walk this way to reception and ask for the phone. Yes, the phone. I have to call my children to pick me up, because I'm healthy. But isn't that reception right there? It is, but don't worry, Listen Online Mrs. Sol looks for the phone all day, but she never calls. When she gets to reception, she can't remember what she wanted. So much the better, they'd never let her use the phone. Hello? Hello? The Mix Radio I will not! I don't want to! Ah, Live Radio Sorry, you startled me. Breathe, Live Radio, don't have a heart attack You'd get the record for shortest stay. Yes. Truth is, between you and the announcer, a fright can't kill me. Tell me, what is on the topfloor? Top floor? Assisted living. Assisted living? People who can't take care of themselves. Patients dementia or Alzheimer's. People who aren't right in the head. Listen, it's better not to go up there, it's not a pretty sight. Let's go, dinner is early here! This is Online Radio, my new roommate. Good evening. This is Antonia. Welcome to the residence. Dolores and Modesto. Pleased. Me too. So, Online Radio how do you like it here? It's modern. To be honest, I'm not used to it. It's strange to be here. That's normal at first. You'll see that you get used to it quickly. It's marvelous here. We have everything! For example, Dolores have you signed up for the trip in October? The casino? Modesto and I were wondering Does the price include meals? Here we go. Medications for Dolores and Modesta. Give me something for leg pain, I could dance with you. You know that without a doctor's approval, I can not give you anything. Talk to him. Pigtails, this is Online Radio, arrived today. Xoanxo is one of the nurses, a good guy except for the pigtails. Dreadlocks, internet radio, dreadlocks. Well, you should talk to the doctor, he can cure them. internet radio, leave him alone, they look good on him! Okay, these are for Modesto yours The Mix Radio, Antonia and for you, Online Radio. You know what medication I'm on? Yes, don't worry, your family informed us. Okay. Everything here is so organized Yes, they know just how to dope us. Pigtails, you messed up my medication.

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