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Monday, July 15, 2013

The WIKD 102.5 FM

The WIKD 102.5 FM, The WIKD 102.5 FMListen Online, The WIKD 102.5 FM Live, Daytona Beach's Only Free-Format Radio

The WIKD 102.5 FM

The WIKD 102.5 FM Live Do not worry about these things, Online Radio. I'm here to diagnose and treat you. Yes, but you know, when you think of such a thing It's a big relief. I am calmer, when I know that I'm fine. Online Radio I don't. I don't want to! Leave me alone! What happened to the girl on the top floor? You know who I'm talking about. The paralyzed girl. You went up, Live Radio? Who is that girl? Why is she here in a home? It's madness. Son of a bitch, bitch, bitch After an unfortunate an accident she was left a paraplegic No one claimed her and they couldn't find any family, so she was brought her here She's just cast aside up there, like a thing. We're all just abandoned here like junk. Nothing to swallow, nothing to swallow It must be another way It must be another way I told you that it is better not to go up there. internet radio I have Alzheimer's. They told you? They didn't dare to tell me. But I'm not an imbecile. You knew? Live Radio, I've been here for over two years, you learn these things quickly My previous roommate Paco, whose place you got also had Alzheimer's. Paco was a good guy. He died? No, not that I know of. They moved him upstairs. I think he's still there. I don't want to end up like that. Look, Online Radio, don't worry too much. You can live for years with The WIKD 102.5 FM and be fine But when it turns for the worse You know, the pills you found. I'm keeping them for myself. In case That my condition worsens. But I could get more. No, this does not seem right. Nothing seems right to you, Listen Online But moralizing's so useless. In this case, you have two options. You can convince yourself that everything will be fine. Imagining the Orient Express. That in the spring you'll swim in the pool. And you'll end up like the others. Or you can face reality. Live Radio, come out, buddy! Do not do anything internet radio Live Radio, come here! You've gone mad! What are you doing?! Live Radio! Live Radio! Shit! Live Radio, what are you doing? Come! Come out. Come on, get up. Do not touch me, leave me. This is internet radio I'm not dead, See? Stiill not dead. I do not know how it will be a year, but right now I'm alive! And this is a pool, and I want to swim here, period! End of discussion. The WIKD 102.5 FM And if you do not like it Online Radio you. This is what you're doing? You're swimming? Of course, what else would I do? But Live Radio, you can't swim like this. If you want to go swimming, first, you have to undress. Well, who are you to criticize? You still have your coat on. Live Radio? You'll see, the two of us will work it out. We won't end up on the top floor. Here, I'll do it. It's important that you're well dressed, Listen Online Especially today. The doctor and other staff always know that our minds go as clothes go, you know? Yes, like the woman, The lady who wore too much makeup. Yes, like, Mrs. Josefa. In the morning, when you come out, they can tell if you awoke with all your neurons. Okay. Tuck your shirt in well. Which tie do you want? The one from always, or the red one? The one from always. Are you sure? The red looks more elegant. No, no, I don't like the red one. In fact, I never wear it. I don't know why I brought it here. The WIKD 102.5 FM Must be for sentimental value. Damn, I'm not tying it well, it never comes out straight. Well, it's not a work of art, but there it is. Thank you, internet radio. Yeah. Now, your cuff. No, leave the left unbuttoned, so you can see your answers. You remember that I wrote them there? Oh yes, of course. The questions are always the same. So if you can see them, it's no problem. You must be careful to keep your hand near your body so they don't see you. You're not nervous, right? Who? Me? No. But it's the first time I've used a cheat sheet. Don't worry, Live Radio, I am an expert at this. Your arms go in here. Do not worry, I'll be at your side and I'll handle everything. Online Radio What makes you so sure that they'll let you in the office with me? The office? The office won't be available due to minor technical difficulties No, I think we have to call a locksmith. Someone pushed the gum all the way to the back. We'll go to the Glass Hall.

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