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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Power Station

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The Power Station

The Power Station Online Radio, ball Quick, pass the ball. Ball Ball Ball Phone Phone I have to call the children. I have to call the children. How could the poor woman go out looking for the phone in this weather? Live Radio, when there's no fun you have to make your own. She has a task, others follow. Once it was line of five people. The last one in the line is Carminia. She's never alone, for fear that the Martians will invade. Look Carminia run. There's nothing like paranoia to keep you fit, eh, Live Radio? I do not like it. It is a cruel joke. Here it doesn't matter, Listen Online Here it's just important not to fall into depression. It's not a fox terrier like you wanted, but you like it, right? Yes, it is very nice. Many thanks, internet radio. Music, you know that if there's anything you need, just ask I can't On your feet internet radio. Let's go inside, so you don't catch cold. Thanks again, internet radio. It was nothing. Merry Christmas, Online Radio Merry Christmas. The Power Station I thought that dogs were not allowed. They're forbidden, Listen Online Music hides him in room and they'll stay there. Next week he goes to visit his son. Ah, but what he will do when it gets bigger? Well, Music is very forgetful so it won't last that long. Oh! Hey, with the beard you look like Santa. Live Radio, you tell me the same thing all day, now who's forgetful? But it's true, you're only missing the hat. Come on, come on, let's have lunch. Aren't you freezing without a coat? I'm not cold. You know what, you could also have a beard. It'd look good on you. But no, it wouldn't suit me. Seriously, girls like it. Live Radio, you'll get bronchitis with your pajamas like that. What? No, I'm okay. I never catch cold. Me neither. We're a couple of tough old guys. Yes, I always played many sports, especially swimming. In the sea when I was younger, and when I worked at the bank at least once a week in the pool. Really? That is amazing! I have to try the pool here. Tomorrow I'll go and ask for the keys. Yes, Live Radio, ask. Although there may be no time tomorrow with the Christmas visits. The Power Station I guess your son will come visit, right? I don't know. I don't care if he comes or not. Don't worry, relatives are like Turkish Delight, you go without all year, But they never miss Christmas. Yes, and both give you a stomachache Yeah, that's true, they are too similar Good night, Listen Online Good night. My watch was there when I went to sleep and no one else came in! What will you say? It grew feet and ran off? Live Radio, I never touched your watch. Look carefully, it must be somewhere else. Don't look so innocent, I didn't take it, it had to be you! Online Radio, calm down, I'll help you find it, but You think I'm an imbecile? How can you help me find it? Do you think I have not seen you steal from others? Careful with the accusations. You're losing a lot of stuff, that's your bad memory, not my fault. You liar, you can't fool me. Do not touch me. Live Radio, The Power Station are you okay? Give me my watch, theif. I told you I don't have it. Look for your shitty watch yourself. I do not like this, I'm going to report you.

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